Todd Talbot

  • Dad
  • Husband
  • Host
  • TV
  • Dad

    I admit, when it comes to my daughter and son, it doesn’t take much to make me melt. Being a Dad is definitely a tougher role than I had imagined but has also given my life meaning and perspective like I never thought it would. Fatherhood for me is a test of instinct, humility, and asking for help.

    I have always had a special relationship with my Dad and relate to him newly through my kids. I will drop everything for them. This is a role I will never give up. Watching my son and daughter grow up and experience life overwhelms me with a joy that cannot be replaced and can’t be captured in words.

  • Husband

    Rebecca and I met on the first day of rehearsal for West Side Story at the Arts Club in Vancouver, BC. Our first kiss was outside the hospital and I proposed over the intercom aboard a WestJet flight to Toronto. To sum up the definition of husband, it’s “married guy”.

    Anything related to marriage regarding rights, obligations, status and community has all changed over time and differs between cultures. So the only thing that defines me as a husband is the fact that the person I chose to wed, this girl who hooked me with her beautiful voice, kissed me outside the hospital after I broke my ribs, laughed at my jokes until the wee hours of the morning, and saw me for who I really am, said yes.

    I am a husband because she married me, and everything else… we make up as we go along, going along together.

  • Host

    Over the past few years I have hosted Love It or List It Vancouver for the W Network in Canada and Love It or List It, Too on HGTV US.

    It’s been an incredible ride and has opened the doors to so many other opportunities I didn’t realize I loved doing. With my theatrical background and years in front of a live audience, the opportunity to be ‘unscripted’ has been a blast.

    While we continue to shoot Love it or List it, I try to work in many other creative projects including voicing Who Lives Here for W Network, guest judging Game of Homes season 1 & 2, guest hosting morning shows, Master of Ceremonies for events across the country, as well as the odd gig where there is a script and sometimes even a broadway melody!

  • TV

    My professional career launched when I was cast as a teenager on the hit series Fifteen for Nickelodeon where we shot 65 episodes of the teen drama at Universal Studios Florida.

    From there I travelled to England to study and continue my journey as an actor, singer, and dancer. The experience of live theatre became my passion and spawned a 20 plus year career performing all over the world.

    From time to time along the way, the world of TV and Film made it’s way back in my life and has done so again with the success of Love it or List it. Theatre remains a lifelong passion and I look forward to my next foray on stage.

  • More About Todd

    As a theatre professional for twenty-plus years, Todd is at home on stage and in front of an audience.  He travels throughout the U.S. and Canada performing as MC and speaking at a home shows, corporate and charity events.  Love it or List It Vancouver, as well as other W network programs Who Lives Here and Game of Homes , mark Todd’s return to the small screen. Some fans remember Todd’s start as Matt Walker on the hit Nickelodeon series, Fifteen.

    An entrepreneur from a young age, Todd’s company currently owns and manages multiple residential properties as well as several real estate ventures in renovation, marketing & design. Todd also leads an experienced team helping clients buy and sell homes.

    Useless information about Todd

    • My middle name is Jonathan and I have trouble remembering if it’s spelled with an ‘a’ or an ‘o’.

    • I was born in Vancouver and as a kid lived in 8 different houses (with a trailer thrown in for good measure) and went to 6 different schools.

    • My favourite place to be is the top of a steep run with my ‘two planks’ on, looking down at those pillowy white slopes and my heart beating fast.

    • I always wanted to live on a boat…and still do.

    • I don’t like eggplant.

    • I have an impressive hockey card collection and won my school competition throwing cards…you need to be old enough to understand this one!

    • Yoda freaked me out and gave me nightmares as a kid…and maybe a little bit now.

    • I’ve been shot in the back by Meatloaf.

    • I learned to drive stick shift in a VW van with my dad when I was 14.

    • I don’t like going to bed, never have, and probably never will.