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 Going to sleep dreaming of this and maybe I’ll wake up here. Who’s with me?  @dansmoe #cabin #winter  Happy Birthday to the amazing @rabeccaelizabeth  Pop over to her feed and show her some love and find out why I don’t think I can deliver on her birthday wish this year... P.S. this pic is my screen saver on my phone so I get this kiss reminder about 489 times a day. Happy birthday babe!
 Every year I get something different from this experience. This year was HOPE ❤️ Thank you @covenanthousebc and thank you to everyone who supports...its through our collective compassion and generosity that HOPE exists.  A moment of stillness captured by @mattopbourne
 It’s rainy and cold and it’s 8 hours until we gather in an ally in downtown Vancouver for the @covenanthousebc Sleep Out. Covenant House has become a big part of my life and an incredibly important organization for me to support. We each take on raising a minimum of 15k and each year I put on a party to allow my community to contribute and every year their generosity blows me away!! Thank you to all our sponsors and guests and to for these amazing photos and video (link in bio) that beautifully captures the evening. Tonight will be very different from what you see here, it’s an emotional, cold, uncomfortable reminder of what so many youth face everyday. The most impactful part of tonight is hearing the youth from Covenant House share their stories. If you heard one of these stories you’d be joining me on the streets tonight for sure. Especially as a parent, it’s even more powerful. Please take a read and if you can support in some small (or large way) there is a link in my post (bio ) ❤️  When I met Rebecca she lived with her parents, had never said a curse word and didn’t enjoy glasses of wine with dinner. We’ve been through a lot together over the years, some incredible highs and a few lows. Through our time together Rebecca acquired a few choice words from my vocabulary but I’ve never been able to find a drink she liked other than tea (for real!!). When Rebecca and I get a moment to connect it’s usually over a cup of tea. We have always put our relationship first and that means having tough conversations which for us seem to work better with a therapist or coach or counselor (whatever term you like) in the room. We just came back from a session (why do we always cry when we’re there?) and I wanted to talk about it afterwards but Rebecca always wants to move on. Just another way we operate differently. But if there’s one thing I can depend on with Rebecca, she’s willing to steal a little extra time if I make her a cup of tea. #RedRoseConvos #ad
 Up up and away ✈️ fly over to the blog, link in bio I’ve been criss crossing the continent for business and pleasure and sometimes a combo (if I’m lucky) I’ve been grateful to @WestJet for being my partner in the skies! What’s your secret to successful travel? 🧳 #westjet #WestJetPremium #travel #worktravel #jetsetter  ‘A’ is for awesome and architecture  @timeouthomes what A word would you use to describe this beauty?
 Casually walking across the street for @sharpmagazine ... means a small army of help. Let’s pick this apart...pre-shoot grooming @sukissalons and a well fitted suit @strellsoncan (I forgot all my shoes in my trailer so I had to delay the shoot till the mall opened and run and buy a pair of @ted_baker shoes...embarrassing) of course you have to constantly fight the Molson muscle @madlabschooloffitness (thanks T-Bear who is determined to get my shoulders back and down) and finally you need a photographer who you can collaborate with, laugh with, and who takes a sweet ass photo @davehamiltonphotography so...don’t be fooled by casually amazing photos, they take a ton of work  also, and most importantly, this isn’t about tagging a bunch of folks, it’s about saying thanks and sharing gratitude for all that goes on behind the scenes everyday and the amazing team of people who I get to work with!! @york.and.james @lynnmayg ❤️❤️ #westcoaststyle #mensfashion #ootd  I’m experiencing family deficiency syndrome. It’s hard to stay connected when you aren’t around and I’ve been running at full (over-full) capacity for a while now. We are busy building the plan for 2019 and it’s very exciting to say that big changes are in the works!! It’s a design that will re-focus on creativity, contribution, and fun!! Thanks for this beauty photo @cfinteriordesign when I brought Ashlyn with me for a meet up with @tofinotowelco and it just so happened one of their towels perfectly matched Ashlyn’s dress and found its way home with us...perfect fit for our new build (hint hint) cottage at the lake.
 Keep going, the path reveals itself. I was totally inspired by this picture by @wild_route_adventure What do you see in this picture? I’ve driven over this bridge countless times and the adventure on the other side is always different.  It’s important to limber up because tonight, in Toronto, I get to help kick furniture poverty in the ass! @furniture_bank #chairaffair  @mackenziejdempsey
 The other most important woman in my life is ALSO celebrating a birthday today!! That’s my mom on the left @janeyt who has taught me to chase experiences in life over ‘things’, that if you don’t fall skiing you aren’t trying hard enough, that staying up late talking is time well spent and sleep well sacrificed, that volunteering and being a conscious contributor to your community is a top priority, that play time and family time is more important than a meticulous house, to read to your children non stop, to question and challenge yourself to be your ‘best self’, to make home made granola and banana bread...even @barackobama knows she’s something special and this list is just the tip of the iceberg!! Happy birthday Mom   Swinging from the highest trapeze  watch out @zendaya Ashlyn is the next #greatestshowman #halloween  my little girl looks 9 turning 19...oh my  @davehamiltonphotography

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