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 You’d never guess it’s -30 degrees outside  just spent a solid 6 hours rocketing down slides, zip lining, flow riding, tubing in the wave pool! A seriously awesome day in +30 @official_wem P.S. you have to check out @rabeccaelizabeth stories for the most epic slo-mo bail surfing ‍♀️ #worldwaterpark #explorewem #edmonton  We had a blast @vsosymphonyball hitting the dance floor with @rabeccaelizabeth who was sparkling ✨
 Kesler experiences zero gravity @fantasyland_hotel space room  We decided to take a trip to West Edmonton Mall for 3 days of uninterrupted fun. The polar vortex won’t effect us because we aren’t leaving the largest mall in North America. I have to admit this place has not only blown our kids minds but ours too. Check out stories for the entire trip #talbotravels #edmonton #explorewem @official_wem @rabeccaelizabeth  As I sit here in my puffy jacket and toque freezing my buns off reviewing our drawings and planning for our upcoming build...I couldn’t resist reminding myself why we are doing this ☀️ ‍♂️⛱ @rabeccaelizabeth we need some help naming this project?? Pls help us out! #cottage #lakelife #cottagelife #build #design #architecture #permits #happy #tbt #love #instamood  @roycesihlisphoto
 @rabeccaelizabeth ... you are one in a minion ❤️ and you are my Valentine   Maybe the GREATEST giveaway ever!! Wanna sneak away for a “nooner” on Valentine’s Day  here’s your chance. Follow @hotelzed and tag your valentine below. We are going to draw 2 winners, one for Victoria and one for Kelowna. Package is worth $69  but the experience is priceless! #valentinesday #nooner #hotelzed #partner must be 19 years of age or older to qualify. Valid February 14 only. More details in my bio ❤️
 Oh HAPPY day! It’s always the same...the moment I travel for work I miss my kids and can only feel nostalgic for their little cute selves (you too @rabeccaelizabeth) I’ve had an idea for years to do a little series #talkingwithdads where I can ask guys how they juggle it would be hilarious, poignant, and revealing. Is anyone doing this well out there?? Any company out there passionate about family and fatherhood want to sponsor the best new @youtube series that hasn’t been made yet? #dadhood #toddtalks  At a certain age and involvement in community people start to talk to you about running FOR office...this is us running FROM office  #victoria #capitalcity #legislativeassembly #premier #mla #talbotravels #shinefashiontea @rabeccaelizabeth  Kesler Thomas Talbot
 Over two years ago @rabeccaelizabeth and I changed the course of our lives. We couldn’t be happier now. We had no idea what that would look like or what it would mean for our family but we trusted our instinct that a change was needed. It started with a wake up call around the stuff we had in our house and what we were buying for our kids. It then evolved into a whole new perspective on the space we live in and a movement I have been sharing called ‘Right Sizing’. The momentum for this conversation is growing fast and has many elements to it. Lifestyle, sustainability, affordability, and the touchy subject of ‘bigger isn’t better’ myth. People like @mariekondo and @joshua_becker show that this is here to stay...which is very exciting. I have a unique perspective on the matter and share on the blog today. I’d love to know your thoughts. Have a read and let me know below. Remember, this isn’t about fact it’s the opposite, it’s about more through less (how deep is that?) PS frozen bags of cement are bloody heavy! #rightsize #realestate #trending #hgtv #hgtvcanada #affordability #sustainability  This weekend started with an awesome flight from Vancouver to Victoria with my beautiful co-pilot aboard @helijet  It’s my second year hosting @shinefashiontea with @rabeccaelizabeth at the beautiful @fairmontempress and this year the kids will take part which is perfect because this elegant fundraiser is for @bcchf ❤️ follow along on stories for all the tea-riffic adventures!!
 The ultimate ‘T’ party @fairmontempress ☕️ thanks for always adventuring with me @rabeccaelizabeth ps. We have a fun video of the entire trip to Victoria coming soon...  Sweet haircut @rabeccaelizabeth  When time is tight make the ‘to do list’ into a date ❤️ Thx for the fun times @sukissalons ✂️
 School pick up is a privilege of being self employed. He won’t always let me pick him up in the school yard but until that day... I will savour these hugs #grade2 #fatherandson #kesler  #bellletstalk ❤️ Today we focus on mental health and the importance of sharing, talking, listening, understanding, and most importantly, compassion for ourselves and others. This day is simply a reminder for the other 364 days. Mental health is like all elements of health... it effects everyone and deserves equal attention. I’ve always been a ‘talker’ it’s my way to process and get support (nick name motor mouth) and I continue to lean on @rabeccaelizabeth my family, friends, and professionals (this Friday at 11:30 we will be on the couch talking with our therapist) Mental health is such a tricky thing, it’s hard to understand, harder to see but the more we commit to learning and sharing the less power this stigma carries. With love TT @bell #endthestigma

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