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 Mark your calendar, take a day off, put on your best undies because tomorrow is the day we kick off #todds13days #averytalbotchristmas and I’m so excited to have you all play along. I have 13 very cool partners that have generously contributed thousands of dollars of gifts and experiences. A special thanks to @lynnmayg @rabeccatalbot @york.and.james for working on this for the past 6 months with me. We also had a cast show up to make some cheery videos you will find everyday on my stories!! Enjoy  #giveaway #christmas #santa  After this story came out a few days ago (link in bio) I’ve been stopped numerous times by people who have said it resonated with them and opened conversations to evaluate their own choices around Christmas and more importantly the space they are living in. I can’t quite express how it makes me feel to consistently hear that folks are craving a new model...I’ve had the privilege to watch families struggle to get a home that’s the right fit for their family and end up in a compromise that doesn’t support their lifestyle and happiness which is what a house should help deliver. It’s too much pressure to try and replicate a TV show and constantly strive for a ‘forever/dream home’ (what is that anyway?) Instead we should consider less commute, less financial pressure, less stuff, less stress, less cleaning, and focus on better design, more efficiency, more connection, more freedom, more sustainable and the list goes on and on. It’s time to ramp up the #rightsize conversation. Especially on a day like today #blackfriday where the western world is fixated on driving home the idea you don’t have enough...take a deep breath there are other choices. Thank you to my wife @rabeccatalbot for intuitively starting this journey for our family.  @pineconecamp
 @rabeccatalbot and I have always been inspired by the classic A frame. This is why we are using this architectural shape as the template for our lake property. Of@course we will put our own unique spin on it. The team is slowly coming together and it’s starting to feel like we will hit our target of breaking ground in the spring. We are building a dedicated website to document the build (among some other fun elements) and I would love to have you all follow this journey. We wrote down three words each recently that are guiding our process. Mine are: Sustainable, Attainable, Aspirational. Rebecca’s are: Family, Activity, Tranquility We should have our next round of design drawings in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!  #talbotbuilds #aframe #cabinlife #cottagelife  Be thankful, say I love you, and don’t choke on your turkey dinner 🥘 Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating this weekend and to those who aren’t it’s a good reminder ❤️ #thanksgiving #bethankful #family @rabeccatalbot
 GIVEAWAY ⏰ I’ve teamed up with to help introduce this cool new development to the world!! (5 min from my house) Here’s how it works...follow the directions below to win one of three prizes!! A $500 gift card to Home Hardware, $250 gift card to Home Hardware, or get free coffee from @mojacoffee (value $150) . 1. Follow and @toddtalbot 2. Comment below which floor plan you like the best (link in bio) . Good Luck! Ps how cool is their display suite? It’s on wheels so if you want a closer look they will drive right to you!! Love this idea  PPs I liked it so much I bought a place...check out my stories for more details. #partner  Canada’s fun family meets #CanadasFunStore and it’s a match made in heaven. We love to play games as a family (we aren’t competitive at all  Here are a few of our favourites. These never go out of style and can be used generation after generation. Our kind of toys! Check out the latest and greatest Christmas toys at your nearest @canadiantire store! #sponsored
 I’m making my list and checking it twice before I start delivering Christmas cheer on Friday  #averytalbotchristmas #13daysofgiveaways Every morning at 6am PST a new surprise appears right here (and on Facebook), there will be a question to answer each day so watch for it. I will go live to announce all the winners on December 19th (which means if you missed any entries at any point you can go back and enter) happy holidays everyone!! And huge ❤️ and gratitude to all of you for following and being a part of my journey. You guys are the best and this is for you!   Lights, camera, action (see what I did there) tonight on @hgtvcanada is a fresh out of the box, new car smell, episode of @loveitorlistitvancouver  @roycesihlisphoto
 If you think this is a hug of affection you are horribly mistaken...she is trying to squeeze the life out of me!! Desperate move Harris! Find out why on tonight’s NEW episode of @loveitorlistitvancouver on @hgtvcanada @jillian.harris  Spent 2 days with brilliant and caring minds discussing the current climate emergency. What does emergency mean to you? Do actions like banning straws undermine the importance of the situation or are we waiting for a more dramatic situation before we, as a group, change in a significant way? Even typing this I’m hit with a sense of overwhelm. This is a delicate conversation, not because of the realities we face, because they are in fact realities, but because it’s an unprecedented global issue that challenges us on the most personal levels. Making this something so tempting to ignore. There is some incredible work happening and some devastating denials that perpetrate old thinking and behavior. Are you mad, scared, indifferent, optimistic, waiting? I’ve decided to stop keeping my thoughts, which are not always clear, a secret and join the conversation. We, as a family, have committed to massive changes over the last few years and they aren’t easy...staying conscious and proactive is a battle for sure. Let’s fight on together. ❤️
 Todd’s elves are rolling in with only five more days til #13daysofchristmas giveaways  Turn on your notifications, tell your friends, tell your relatives. Tag ‘em and bag ‘em and win some very cool goodies for #Christmas  PS we deliver to both naughty  and nice  (don’t tell anyone but this outfit is oddly comfortable)  Saturday, Sunday, Monday  🇨🇦 #hockey #teamcanada #vmha #kesler #hnic #hockeyday
 Tofino ❤️  I do this one night each year...can you imagine that between 500-1000 youth do this every night in Vancouver? Scared, cold, alone. There is absolutely no reason to have this be the safer choice for young people...imagine how tough/harsh the alternative is for them to choose the street. It was asked what is the solution to breaking the cycle of homelessness and the answer was @covenanthousebc ❤️ I can’t thank my community enough for their incredible generosity to do our part in raising over a million dollars for this vital community service.

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Follow Todd’s personal projects while he takes on renovating his unique home, as well as styling his life with adventures in fatherhood, dating someone you’re married to, and doing it all in the perfect pair of socks.

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