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 Want to see more of this cutie? And the baby too  Stick around to the end of tonight’s all new @loveitorlistitvancouver episode on @hgtvcanada I’m heading back to Penny and Robert’s to see how they’ve been doing and if they are loving their @shaw BlueCurve When we shot this episode Penny was pregnant and now the family is complete!! This has never happened where I’ve gone back (on TV) to see how folks are doing...such a great idea. Question is, did I go back to the reno or to their new house   Grateful. This Thursday the 17th is our annual fundraiser for @covenanthousebc and I’m thrilled by the outpouring of support. If you haven’t bought your ticket there a few in bio. I wanted to give a special shout out to my buddy @gbrysonbell for joining me this year and as a team we aim to raise $50,000 We both sleep out on November 21st in solidarity with those young people who find themselves in the harshest of situations. So thank you to all of you who have bought your tickets and to those who are going to  ❤️ and of course to all our sponsors who have donated everything for this years ‘Pillow Talk’ this is what community is all about! PS this is the cardboard that will be my bed
 What a night! For 5 years I've supported Covenant House with a unique and different boutique fundraiser. A twist on the traditional gala...and this year was a stylish ‘grown up’ slumber party complete with a 'twister' tournament hosted by the one and only @rabeccatalbot If you weren't there I'm sorry, you really did miss out! The food by Chef @colinburslem and the @fairmontvan was unreal as usual. Colin is one of the most talented and generous guys you will ever meet, @empressgin1908 hand delivered all the way from Vancouver Island, @graymonkwinery poured all evening by @kaithargreaves , @strathconabeer a local legend, our incredibly generous host @cfinteriordesign , the unbelievable sound of the @craigthenderson Trio (on the Lamborghini of piano's, Fazioli @showcasepianos ) remember who introduced you to Craig first folks, Relight creating a twinkling mood, and so many more. The thing that blows me away each year is that we reach out and ask for absolutely every element of the night to be donated so that every penny raised goes to CH and everyone says YES! Then I hound everyone in my circle to buy a they all know, I am relentless, and don't stop till we are sold out. It's really all of you who show up who make the difference. I think the thing that blew me away the most this year is that 3 folks signed up for the Executive Sleep Out this year and at least 2 more for next year (minimum fundraising goal is $15k) and another 2-3 for the young entrepreneurs sleep out. This means the inspiration from Thursday night created a ripple effect that will far outweigh what we accomplished that night. As we grow so does the team. First, @lynnmayg joined 4 years ago and has played a vital role in the success each year (and she also works brilliantly behind the scenes with me every other day of the year too :) thanks Lynn! I've also teamed up with my good friend and fellow Covenant House supporter @gbrysonbell who played a huge role in the success this year. We are assembling a few more for next year as the momentum grows so we can make a bigger contribution and impact for the youth in our city. Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️ @covenanthousebc   Giving thanks  We had a wonderful weekend together as a family with a stay-cation night @suttonplacehotels and 3 trips to the pool with the kids (and a massage for the senior Talbots), a fun night with @rabeccatalbot on the town @canucks game courtesy of @sonofjack88 and then a little night club action (we never do that), then an overnight at Rebecca’s parents and a delicious brunch @fairmontvancouverairport then an impromptu pumpkin patch trip (as you can tell by our attire) We have so much to be thankful for ❤️ we wish all those in 🇨🇦 celebrating Thanksgiving a peaceful and loving weekend of gratitude and good eats! PS none of these mentions are sponsored just gratitude
 What a fun morning with the boys from @shackshine They custom cut and instal Christmas lights for your house so they fit like a glove. Any colour, style, they even carry you around like a king or queen to inspect at the end  Awesome service and what’s better is that @rabeccatalbot is beaming because having lights on the house has been a dream of hers (never made it happen before) We are all grown up now     Cover shoot! Hitting stands soon... hopefully they will photoshop my shaving accident this morning. Thx for the kick ass Burberry suit @nordstromcanada and @sarahdarceystyle
 Got a chance to see Kesler in action today. Proud of him, not because he’s doing a show, in fact my instinct has always been to steer my kids away from the business, but because of how he’s carrying himself, his professionalism, sense of fun, ability to connect and relate to everyone older than him, his discipline and focus, and of course because he’s so damn cute. He’s a really good natural little actor! He’s so lucky to have @rabeccatalbot who can gently coach, cheer him on, and be there with him. Rebecca has those same natural acting instincts that Kesler has so they are the perfect team. #childactor #keslertalbot (not sure I’m allowed to announce the title yet so stay tuned)  The kids are back in school (little germ monsters), work is in full swing (more than full) and it’s cold and flu season! The perfect storm. With my crazy busy schedule I really don't have time to get a cold or flu. There are no days off in my line of they say the show must go on! That is why @coldfx COLD-FX® Daily Support is a part of my daily routine. COLD-FX® Daily Support is a clinically proven formula. It helps reduce the Frequency, Severity and Duration of cold and flu symptoms by Boosting the Immune System. Head over to my stories to get a link to sign up for the COLD-FX® Defence Zone where you can receive coupons, expert advice on immune health and active living and exclusive offers. To be sure this product is right for you, always read and follow the label. #coldfx_partner #coldfxer #coldfx
 I love architecture and west coast style. You? @campos_studio @emaphotographi  Your parts of the show bore me too @jillian.harris  Tonight on @hgtvcanada we kick off a brand new season of @loveitorlistitvancouver (try not to fall asleep when Jill’s on)
 I've been travelling with my Mastercard for close to 30 years (it was my first ever credit card)! Last spring, I finally got to include Rebecca and the kids on a journey overseas. We spent 3 weeks in Europe together and it was absolutely #priceless. We managed all of our spending through our Mastercard credit card, which meant we didn't have to deal with different currencies and it provided the added security of travel and medical protection (note that benefits vary by issuer). Some top tips: Uber in Paris (the best way to get around), Airbnb in Barcelona (so easy to book online), tickets up the Eiffel tower (we paid less to climb the stairs), the kids’ first ever West End show in London (rockin' out at School of Rock), even a root canal for Rebecca (not recommended). Check out my stories to see more of our priceless memories made seamless with my @mastercardca #talbotravels PS It's weird to think that my Mastercard has been on more vacations with me than my many more trips will we have to take before they catch up :) #ad  Falling for you
 What are you watching tonight? I know @jillian.harris will be glued to the tube to catch all my witty one liners and sweet abodes...then console herself after a tough loss  @hgtvcanada  On set yesterday with my fri- @endy cracking jokes and taking naps

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