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 Crazy fun @hotelzed ps only trained professionals can attempt the 100 yard towel dash in the middle of winter ❄️  . Stay tuned for a romantic rendezvous ‘Valentines prize’ that will knock your socks off (literally)  or keep them’s up to you! #rebelsagainsttheordinary #hotelzed #nooner #kelowna #victoria #travelbc . . Not sure how someone got all these pics but can anyone say stalker  @roycesihlisphoto  On your mark...get set...I think I’m stuck down here 🧘‍♂️
 It’s amazing how little we need to be happy...might we actually be happier with less? It’s a challenging question that doesn’t actually mean ‘less’ (nobody wants to be told they can’t have something, including me) it’s about more of what is really driving happiness. How do we do that in our current culture? We continue as a family to test and struggle with this...but in my gut I know we are on to something. #rightsizing #design #simplicity  @joonaslinkola  We are deep into planning our next project. I am guilty of being extra methodical (some might say slow and controlling ) which has its pros and cons. From considering the purchase of a property to the final build I try not to leave anything to chance (I also know countless things will go wrong and that’s OK) This next build is extra tricky! We are still untangling the puzzle that is our lake property. Dealing with zoning, riparian setbacks, environmental consultants, surveyors, the local and provincial governments, geotechs, fire safety, moving roads, existing structures, community dynamics, water, septic, and power to name a few. And simultaneously @rabeccaelizabeth and I are designing the look, feel, and function along with our architect Monty who is like family. The three of us have teamed up for both Lions Bay and 4th Ave and we loved it so much we are doing it again. We are measuring, sketching, massing, dreaming, and pinning to bring the design and the technical elements together into a perfect plan that embraces the land, our budget, our needs now and in the future, and is a smart investment. We will take as much time as we need to get it’s the part you never see on TV but without it you risk making a mistake and there is a LOT at stake. Thought I’d share a few of the countless images we have pulled that may or may not influence the final product. Rebecca and I aren’t fully aligned on design yet so these images might not win out  I look forward to documenting and sharing it all #adventuresinrealestate #build #design #cottage #cabin #lakeitup #cottagelife
 Looking back or looking forward...sitting on the plane, staring out the window it’s amazing what thoughts race through your head and how I can choose which ones to focus on. This week is a ‘no complaint’ ‘no bitching’ ‘no gossip’ week...wish me luck  Who’s with me?  So I had this dream last night... I was playing the Fonz in the @netflix remake of Happy Days #henrywinkler
 Medium rare  🦶  GIVEAWAY!! The final deadline for the @vghmillionaire Lottery is Friday at midnight so I thought it would be fun to buy two tickets and give them away to a lucky person who would get to choose 1 of 8 different home packages (scroll to see pics) valued up to 3.2 mil  OR take 2.7 million cash  All the details are linked in my bio. All you have to do to enter is comment below which house you would take or if you’d take the 2.7 million??!! Let’s dream shall we... we will draw our ticket winner Thursday at noon! Must be 19+ years of age or older to order or be eligible to win. Know your limit. Play within it. . . If you buy tickets, your purchases support VGH + UBC Hospital Foundation, and help save lives at B.C. hospitals. Every year, VGH performs more than 30,000 surgeries and treats more than 600,000 patient visits. They treat 60% of British Columbia's adult trauma cases – and 50% of our surgical patients are from outside Vancouver. Good luck everyone!! @vghfdn
 In the hot seat  If we were sitting down for a drink (I’m buying) and you could ask any real estate question, what would it be? . . I’m fascinated by the dynamics of architecture and design and how that impacts the livability of our homes. Equally important is the attitudes and ideas we have about what we think we ‘need’ in that space. On the other side of the coin (pun intended) is the money  Understanding the market both micro and macro so buying, selling and renovation choices maximize the potential of your biggest financial asset. The all important ‘F’ word...financing. What I know is that everyone’s situation is unique which makes it hard to oversimplify the topic. I’ve been actively investing, renovating, advising, and most importantly learning for over 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me how little honest conversation is had around this topic and how many mistakes people make along the way. These can cost 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of dollars. We need to have this be apart of young people’s education (as well as older folks) so everyone can make smart choices. Remember...slow and steady wins the race. I was reminded yesterday in a meeting with Peter Wall that it’s all about “the long game” The cliche location, location, location should be replaced with location, homework, and patience.  To be continued....  I was flying solo this weekend with @rabeccaelizabeth off for a much deserved break @sparklinghill with her mom and sister...which meant I was in full Dad, cheer, meals, bedtime, baths, theatre camp, sushi, friends, and no clean up (sorry Rebecca) I’m exhausted. Can’t wait for a break tomorrow at “work” Ps this cute pic was in front of a cool @thefatpaintco wall we did in our Lions Bay house and these two were captured beautifully by @pineconecamp there is such a fine line between these loving each other and driving each other crazy...tomorrow your teachers can take over
 Shooting in Lions Bay today prompted a trip down memory lane. Love how our ‘old’ master bedroom embraced natural elements mirroring the dramatic outdoors, had a stunning view and tons of natural light and strategic yet minimal decor and furniture from @cfinteriordesign West coast contemporary design is in my DNA. Beautifully shot by @pineconecamp do you miss it @rabeccaelizabeth  Facebook sent me a message saying this was my most liked photo 7 years ago...I can see why ❤️❤️ #ashlyn #kesler we make cuties @rabeccaelizabeth
 We are back! It was such fun time hosting the @shinefashiontea with @rabeccaelizabeth last year we wanted to keep the tradition going. We will be at the @fairmontempress in Victoria February 3rd!! Get your tickets for the most fun afternoon raising fundraising for @bcchf and drinking’s gonna get crazy   New Year New Do  A break for me is ‘no shaving’ and ‘wearing a cap or toque’ full time (this face shows how keen I am in getting back to the grind) I learned this last week how much impact my schedule has had on @rabeccaelizabeth ,the kids...and subsequently me. As I sit back and design 2019, I’m refocusing my energy which means making some changes in my schedule and my priorities. It’s time to say some ‘no’s’ and let some things go and at the same time bring back more fun and passion into my life. This means gigs that are authentic to who I am and what I do, surround myself with people who are passionate/inspired (with the talent to back it up), and most importantly lean back into my creative side. I want to schedule more time with friends (I joke I only have 1 friend) I want to build again, and take the stage again. It’s a wonderful time to take stock, reboot, and dream. It’s almost time for a haircut I guess

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