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 Lace’m up and get after it. Here’s my Monday challenge that I’m taking on...try not saying “I’m busy” the word ‘busy’ is a disempowering word. See what happens when the impulse hits you and you have to replace that word...  This message inspired me. Share it with your school aged clan. More love and inclusiveness in this world. Thanks @d6merit for letting me steal this off your feed. PS we adults could do the same
 Rain  or shine ☀️ the tenants move in tomorrow and the deck will be done   Skipping their way into grade 3 and 5 ✏️ Blink and you miss it...when we would push our babies in strollers I found it slightly annoying that EVERYONE we met would say “enjoy, it goes by so fast” and now I’m the guy saying that  I hope every family starting this new school year has patience with the transition and every parent listens and cheers on their kids (I’ll try to take my own advice) #backtoschool
 An organization near and dear to my heart is @covenanthousebc and every year I do the sleep out. This isn’t a passive endorsement of a great community service but I roll my sleeves up, call in all my favours, and throw a party to raise a bunch of dough. If you want to be a part of this fundraiser on October 17th please click the link in my bio for tickets. This is the 5th anniversary and we have some pretty cool things planned. Most importantly every penny of the ticket price goes to CH and you get a full tax receipt because my partners donate EVERYTHING to make this happen!! Much ❤️ to @cfinteriordesign @fairmontvan @colinburslem @strathconabeer @graymonkwinery @empressgin1908 @showcasepianos @craigthenderson @lynnmayg @kathryneyrelees and many more behind the scenes! #covenanthouse  What a day! Thanks for the surf @gbrysonbell  🤙 on one of the gems of B.C. #sakinawlake  @rabeccatalbot
 My little actor and his headshots. Kesler has an audition for a top secret project yesterday and needed to use a British accent so we got @grantjmorris to record and send it to us. Thx buddy, you are hilarious   @davehamiltonphotography  Looking forward and looking back...this weekend, maybe more than New Years is a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, and a great time to take stock, plan, dream, and put those ideas into action. Have an awesome long weekend and let’s hit the ground running Tuesday (or maybe Monday if you are really excited)
 Wait till you see this transformation! By the way, how many construction projects at the same time is too many? Asking for a friend   Indulge me...I’m a proud dad tonight, although proud isn’t really the right word. Last night (and tonight) I had the privilege of watching my sweet Ashlyn perform in her first big musical theatre show. Seeing my daughter, at 9, perform with a maturity and light effervescence, not to mention great comedic timing opened my heart. It took me all of act 1 to stop crying. Thank goodness it was dark because she melted me. Those of you who know me from TV might not realize I spent 20+ years on stages around the world. I’ve never wanted my kids to be performers but seeing their joy (both of them) is a special thing. I know I’m biased but damn she was the cutest, committed, little rock star. Most importantly is her confidence and bubbling happiness. This young woman is gonna be a force in the world and our job is to create the learning opportunities for her to step into that role. Tonight was a big step in that direction. Thank you @rabeccatalbot for making it all happen while I slaved at our new renovation project. We are a good team. I love you Ashlyn.
 3...2...1  Back to school is more than pencil cases and duo-tangs these days, in fact, we are getting geared up @bestbuycanada for the new school year with some extra cool educational technology to distract from TV and mindless screen time and focus on fun, stimulating, and practical tools to set our kids up for the future. Check out some of our families top picks in my stories! #happyplugsheadphones #spheroboltroboticball #botzeescoding #partner
 Lake it up!  Saturday night at Theatre Under the Stars in Vancouver. Reminding me the magic of live theatre and how it brings people together, young and old. It might be time to get back on stage soon...

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Follow Todd’s personal projects while he takes on renovating his unique home, as well as styling his life with adventures in fatherhood, dating someone you’re married to, and doing it all in the perfect pair of socks.

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