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 Hey COVID 19 I’ve got a message for you  Thanks to @pineconecamp for the beautiful pictures that are so perfectly curated and tell such a subtle yet powerful story  true art!! #fyoucovid  #sharehugsnotgerms Wherever you are around the world, it’s time to make a hug emoji 🤗 put it where it can be seen by others...front door, in the window, or front porch. Since we can’t give the real thing, and we all need hugs, this is the next best thing ❤️ Then get outside (away from everyone else) and see how many hugs you can find. Post your pics and encourage your friends and family. “Four hugs a day, that’s the minimum...four hugs a day, not the maximum”
 Casual Tuesday’s #workingfromhome   ☕️ Be honest, who’s wearing track pants right now ‍♂️ (or equivalent)  Frisbee...a great social distancing activity. Outside, far away from people, exercise. ☀️ Thanks to everyone who hung out with us last night ‘live’ looking forward to hanging out with you all again soon. For now it’s just the four of us ‍‍‍
 Can you remember the warm smell of roasting coffee mixed with sweet pastry baking. My routine/ indulgence was stopping for coffee every morning no matter my agenda. What have you stopped doing that you miss the most? PS you know what I’m not seeing on instagram? posts about how people hate Monday’s or some attempt at a witty anti-Monday comment. See! There are good things that are coming from this  after this, if you are@in the Drive, grab a coffee @mojacoffee (and a scone!) #shoplocal #buylocal  I’m very sorry to announce that our upcoming production of ‘Crazy For You’ has been cancelled. It’s the right decision under the circumstances but an extremely tough one for everyone. The thousands and thousands and thousands of ticket buyers already coming, the @rcmtheatre board, our artistic director and choreographer Valerie Easton, Patrick our musical director, Jim and the orchestra, our designers, set builders, volunteers, stage management and of course the incredible cast. “Who could ask for anything more” Not me! What a supportive and committed group of artists, young and old, coming together to have fun and sweat our asses off, to bring you this awesome show. Its also been a treat to dance, sing and act with my talented wife @rabeccatalbot who likes me so much more when I’m dancing  ‘Bobby Child’ is a role I’ve always dreamed of playing and I got so close (stay tuned for the possibility this show gets its time under the lights...)
 I need to get this off my chest... There are many ways to try and make sense of what’s going on right now and I admit it’s tough to avoid the sometimes scary and overwhelming thoughts and possibilities that creep in on a daily basis. Furthermore, the Talbots are taking social distancing very seriously and we encourage you to do the same. We are also very thankful for all of those working in essential services to keep the machine of our society going. But I’d like to also shed light (for myself more than anything) on the fact there are some wonderful things happening in the world that are a beautiful awakening. There is a gentleness and compassion that seems to be bubbling up. Around the world music is bringing people together, at 7pm people are pausing to clap and cheer for our front line workers, the sense of family has been heightened, leaders are stepping up and making tough decisions, the environment has shown positive signs, there are donations pouring name just a few. But the thing that has impacted me, maybe the most, is a forced slow down. It’s been a wake up call and allowed me to evaluate what the rat race is all about...what can I learn from this? Do I need to be a part of the implied message that ‘busy’ means better or more important. It has reinforced my belief that we can live simpler with less stuff. An added angle on #rightsizing I really hope that some of the changes forced upon us during this pandemic will stick and maybe, just maybe, at the expense of this horrible situation for so many, we have gently shifted our trajectory as individuals, families, and communities. ❤️  ❤️  🧻 Depending on where in the world you are reading this post you will be having very different experiences in relation to the coronavirus. While the illness is serious, the way we react and work together as a community is the most important thing right now. Please consider others, stay healthy, and please don’t hoard. Selfishness breeds selfishness in others and disproportionate re-action breeds panic. We got this people. What are you doing...if anything to take care. Anything other than scrubbing your hands?
 A spring time ✨GIVEAWAY✨ with my friends @hudsonsbay I've got a little ray of sunlight for you during this tough time. The cherry blossoms are out and to celebrate the 350th anniversary of Hudson's Bay we want to send a lucky winner a $350 gift card to shop online (or when stores re-open) and bring a little sunshine into your world ☀️ It's been a hard few weeks for all of us, please stay positive, share the love and good luck! To enter follow @hudsonsbay and @toddtalbot and tag a friend who could use a little Spring in their step ❤️ We will announce the winner March 30th #HBC350 #HBStyle #ad #giveaway  This picture represents creativity and perseverance. Two elements I need a lot of right now. We have a lot of projects on the go and not everything goes smoothly...I’m ever the optimist and believe if two parties work together you can find some sort of mutual ground and come up with a win win scenario. If we all approached negotiations from this perspective the world would be a better place. Remember that it’s a small world, if you screw over someone and think it won’t come back to get are WRONG. Negotiate the way you’d want to be negotiated with. @eh.frame
 Spending a lot of time with my crew these days. Talking, negotiating, cooking, cleaning, arguing, parenting (well & poorly), playing, working, cleaning, strategizing, zooming, wondering, washing hands, repeat.’Be curious’ is my mission today. Can I break free from how I normally look at and do things, how I hear things? That’s my goal Tuesday...that, and have a shower.  Did I miss #internationalwomensday yesterday? Sorry, I was working alongside a cast of inspiring, talented, generous women and being directed and choreographed by a women (also the artistic director). I guess we honored and celebrated in the best way possible. Equally, respectfully, and without question! Maybe when Ashlyn is all grown up we they won’t even have to have a day that points to some sort of inequality, it will just be then norm... @ashlyn.talbot @rabeccatalbot
 Sorry for the long post but... Please stay home. Please. It’s that simple. It’s up to us as individuals to band together and beat this. It’s shocking to me how many people are out and about seemingly disregarding our individual duty to friends, family, neighbours and the greater community here and around the world. Of course there are times when we need to go out, especially if you are working in any essential service. I take my hat off to you. We all need to buy food, get medication, and other necessary activities... but for crying out loud, the rest of the time, suck it up, stay in your family unit, and be a part of breaking the chain of infection. It’s a tough thing to tell your kids no, they can’t go out and play with friends but that’s the right answer...for now, not forever. ‘Like’ this post if you have made this commitment. But can I say again, to those working in essential services and keeping the supply chain flowing, you have to go out everyday and then come back to your family. That must be so difficult and I applaud you and thank you. Stay safe everyone. Think big picture and let’s get through this.  As the season winds up I’d say it was an up and down year  ps. Safety first...I thought those little stop signs on the back of the jersey meant no hitting from behind. Guess I was wrong

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