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 Saturd-eh frame inspiration #ehframe #talbotbuilds @eh.frame  Something about this picture brings me joy. Hope it does the same for you. Our minds are on our build @eh.frame and capturing this feeling but also on the shift in our planet and being able to capture this while respecting Mother Nature. It’s a delicate walk and we intend to share that journey in detail on the blog. Happy hump day! #ehframe #talbotbuilds #inspiration
 This is what it looks like to host the biggest builder award ceremony by yourself. Playing all the parts, host, audience, CEO, president, V/O guy, and the Georgie girl. They took me to Everest, Egypt, Ibiza, and shark infested waters...don’t even ask  Tune in June 26th @chba_bc next time we negotiate per character! #georgieawards  What a day. We had an epic parade of cars with so many families celebrating with such generosity coming from far and wide. That is what community is all about. It’s a testament to our boy and to the great people we have in our lives. Thank you. And as a wrap up to the two day cake baking and icing she is. The family tradition passed down through the generations...hundreds and hundreds of ‘heavy cakes’ have been baked. We even had them at our wedding. This one was my first attempt and it was pretty damn good if I do say so myself! Wish you could taste it but sadly, after everyone is tucked up in bed, I am sitting on the couch having a second piece and I’m not sharing. Happy 9th birthday my boy @keslertalbot and to the queen of birthdays @rabeccatalbot and her side kick @ashlyn.talbot for staying up till 1am last night prepping everything. It was masterful.
 The GIVEAWAY that keeps on giving // Do you know someone who wants to start a little garden? We have spent some time during quarantine to start our very first garden and watching the kids experience these little seeds grow is pretty cool. Here’s the deal...this is about sharing...all you have to do is TAG someone who would love this kit for their backyard or their balcony planter box. We will give 3 of these away to folks you nominate (hand delivered in the lower mainland) on Monday! . The Grow Your Own Groceries basket is to show people how easy and enjoyable it is to grow your own veggies at home. This basket comes with soil, seeds, gardening instructions, and some basil and rosemary. Thanks to my friends at @talkshopmedia the basket is from the team at the Southlands Farm in Tsawassen BC and @southlands_tsawwassen Southlands is a new community being built right now that is rooted in farming and food. It’s pretty cool, check it out. #garden #gardening #gardeninglife  You are Nine, Neuf, Nove, Nueve, Neun, Nio, Ni, any way you say it! I love you Kelser, I’m proud to be your Dad and your buddy. Your future is as bright as these balloons and I’m lucky to get a front row seat. Happy Birthday @keslertalbot ❤️
 Thank you for all your incredible support ❤️❤️❤️ I really do value each and every one of you. Such a cool insta family who shares values and supports good things!! I don’t take that for granted and neither do the people we are helping. Today is the final day of our push to fund as many meals as possible!! Please go the link in my bio it’s only $5 for a meal by @saymercyyvr and donated to @wholewayhouse (when you go to the link ignore date and location) enjoy your Sunday, stay safe and if you are already helping your community in another win! #staffmeal #staffmeals @telus supported with 100 meals! Thx!! #staygiving #telus_partner  It’s alive! Our brand new website is here and we are super excited to share with you all. Please go check out the site, have a read through the blog and let us know what you think. This is just the beginning! @eh.frame @rabeccatalbot #ehframeofmind #talbotbuilds #ehframe . A big thanks to and @lynnmayg without you guys this wouldn’t have happened! And a shout out to @roycesihlisphoto for that evocative photo! Love all of you guys!!
 Raise the roof  What project is on your list that you’ve procrastinated doing  This was mine...  The many faces of hosting #sizeisnteverything Its been great to hear the stories of small business owners across the country. I hope you have enjoyed them too. One thing I’ve learned is they are passionate, positive, and forward looking, they are not taking Covid lying down. They are the true life blood of the economy. Don’t underestimate these folks!! The first 2 episodes are on IGTV and @youtube with @thedonutbar.freddy and @saymercyyvr with @mainstreetbeer launching this Sunday and today we recorded with #supportsmallbusiness #supportlocal #buylocal #smallbusiness
 There are so many folks in need of a little extra love ❤️ and support these days so I've teamed up with @saymercyyvr restaurant to make and deliver healthy meals for those in need 🥘 Our goal is to deliver 500 meals and we have till Sunday to make that happen! A big thanks to @telus for kickstarting this meal drive by donating the first 100 meals! With many people struggling to eat healthy and safely during this tough time, if we all work together we can make a difference in their lives. We will be delivering the meals to an amazing organization called @wholewayhouse It's very simple...a meal is only $5 and we ask that you go to the link in my bio and donate 1 (or 100) meals and we will take care of the rest. If you’re helping your community in another way I’d still love to hear about in the comments #staygiving #telus_partner  I think @rabeccatalbot would agree that the last few months have put a strain on our relationship. There have been some good times but we’ve also struggled. We had a good session with our therapist today over FaceTime (while being interrupted a handful of times by our little people... argh). I’m realizing that we are at a new phase in our relationship, it’s not the same as it was when we first met, it’s not the same as when we had babies for so many years, and it’s now time to reinvent how we are together. We are very different people...I love to talk and talk and talk and Rebecca needs more space and ‘me’ time. I need more ‘we’ time. We are having to figure out that ratio without having it negatively effect the other person. That negotiation is a bit clumsy for us right now, especially since quarantine essentially forces us to all be together all the time. From our session today I wrote down “Be who we are, and give a little to each other...what the hell’ we all laughed and ended the call. In other words be lighter. That’s tough for me, I’m intense and that can be tough to be around. I’m working on it Rebecca, let’s go for a walk in our fancy clothes
 I’d say 30-40% of my focus these days is analyzing what the future will look like. Talking with my team, my friends, my colleagues...Where will opportunities be? How will we support those hit the hardest, what will the markets do (real estate, stocks, etc) How will we innovate, how long will this go on? How will my kids shoulder the financial burden? What happens the next time? While there are no solid answers to these questions, I guarantee that thinking and talking with others will lessen the stress and open up possibilities you may never have thought about. Keep talking, keep going, keep innovating at the personal level, the family level, in business, and in your community.  These two celebrated their mom today and I got to be their assistant. These three have a special bond that I get a little jealous of but it makes me happy when everyone is smiling. It was a nice day...we needed it. No work, no pressure, just what the momma ordered. Happy Mother’s Day @rabeccatalbot

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