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 This is the card that bought the light, that shines in the room, that is surrounded by walls, that are made of wood, that was cut by the saw, and hit by the hammer, that hangs on the belt, of the guy with the card that payed for the house that Todd built. It's complicated enough to plan, design, build, and complete any construction project. Try eliminating one of the stresses by running all payments through your @mastercardca and whether you are in the lumberyard or buying fixtures online you can leverage the convenience of using one card which is accepted almost anywhere. Saving time and staying organized is #priceless #sponsored  A  goodnight
 I’m ready ❄️ tag someone you’d like to hide out with...what do you say @rabeccatalbot ⛄️  Mana 🧘‍♂️ I admit I love running the race of life fast (maybe even slightly addicted to it) I challenged myself to exercise everyday on this trip and today was meditation and yoga... it’s hard for me (especially at home) but this morning, perched in paradise, I got reminded of the benefit of mindfulness and stillness. Which cultivates gentleness and gratitude. Opens the heart...might need a bit more of this ❤️
 From beach bum to puffy jacket! Back in Vancouver with a fresh haircut ready to tackle the week...what did you say? You say today is Friday? So glad it’s the weekend, I needed a break! @sukissalons ‍♂️  Getting to be with you calls me to be a better person @rabeccatalbot (and to plan off the charts birthday surprises... we’re you surprised?) Thanks to Ashlyn and Kesler for keeping it under wraps, the Gosselin’s @lynnmayg and @pjmgosselin Lucas, and Emma, the quintessential Maui crew and musicians aboard the @kaikananisailing cruise and Maui, for a sunset so beautiful it was hard to believe it was real #grateful #love #family #friends ps did you fall asleep in this position?
 That’s a wrap on Maui 2019 #talbotravels #bigswell ☀️   Happy birthday @rabeccatalbot  Lucky get to spend it with this face
 This is what it’s all about. This is a shout out to my daughter @ashlyn.talbot who has been great this trip. She has been a fantastic leader to all the younger kids, she babysat Emma. (Her first babysitting gig) Gracious and sensitive. My new parenting mantra is MORE responsibility. Although she loves to give her dad a hard time, she comes back to me and says “I love you dad” which is enough to sustain me for weeks. And just so you know, your Dad loves you too Ashy! Those big blue eyes looking up at me... ❤️  When I’m happy I jump
 Wicked find today... hiked down a cliff to some epic tidal pools #Maui #tidalpools #jumping  Good morning from Maui  #surfsup #beachbums #talbotravels
 Tonight’s new episode of @loveitorlistitvancouver is a nail biter! After the show, I go back to see Mike and Monique (and take Bessy  for a walk...or maybe she takes me ). Might even drop in on them again and rewatch the show on their @shaw #bluecurvetv which would be very meta...either way come along for the ride and let me know what you would have done #loveit or #listit  While I’m in the air flying to Maui you are on your couch watching my show and cheering me on. At least @jillian.harris is, secretly she always hopes I win...just like foosball where she claims she ‘let’ me win...likely story  @hgtvcanada @loveitorlistitvancouver  @roycesihlisphoto

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Follow Todd’s personal projects while he takes on renovating his unique home, as well as styling his life with adventures in fatherhood, dating someone you’re married to, and doing it all in the perfect pair of socks.

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