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WestJet flies between Vancouver and Toronto


It’s March 2nd and I’m flying off to Calgary for my first home show appearance of the year and I’ve got a friend in the seat next to me (my best friend btw). For most people, a flight is just a means to an end, but for Rebecca and I, this flight has a little extra meaning.  So as we sit here going over my notes about ‘Right-Sizing’ we take a minute to reflect on WestJet flight WS77 that travelled from Vancouver to Toronto almost 15 years ago on which Rebecca agreed to marry me. A legendary flight and a much belated thank you to WestJet for supporting me all the way!

Picture this, a nervous young guy, standing at the front of the plane high above Montana (ish), trying to hold a ring box and the intercom phone at the same time, everyone on the plane craning their necks to see down the isle, I push the button and hear my voice fill the cabin. I invite Rebecca to the front and get down on one knee…and much to my surprise she says ‘NO’

Let’s take a step back for a second, the way Rebecca tells it, she wanted to say ‘no’ first, to punish me for not getting off the phone in security. I was on the line with my family who we would be staying with in Toronto.  My bag had gone through the machine and they were saying they needed to go through the contents because I stupidly left a pocket knife in there. Rebecca innocently agreed but I said no, whilst still on the phone. Of course security didn’t like my response so I clarified saying, “you can go through it, she (Rebecca) can’t,” which apparently led Rebecca to believe that there was a ring, for her, in my bag.

Rebecca interrupts: Hey Todd, was there a ring in your bag?

Yes. But that is not the point.  The point is, I had gone through a lot of planning, calling WestJet ahead of time and arranging with the crew, to make sure that my proposal was as unique and special as you are to me.

Rebecca: Nice try man. Sometimes you just have to put the phone down.

Thank you. I got it. Haven’t you punished me enough?

Rebecca: (pause) Now I have. Go ahead.

WestJet has a reputation for creating a fun and unique experience on their flights, so I was sure they would work with me on my plan. I had to leave the exact details to the last minute because they weren’t sure who the flight crew was until that day. I made an excuse to go up and talk to the desk at the gate just to confirm that everything was a go. Honestly, I was very nervous. Rehearsing what I was going to say over and over in my head. I wish I could remember the WestJetter who I coordinated everything with, she was awesome and very reassuring. I made an excuse to go to  the bathroom after we took off and she had it all sorted out, she said, any time you are ready just come on up. Rebecca thought I was coming down with something when I had to go to the bathroom for a second time. I couldn’t relax until after Rebecca said yes and even then, once we got back to our seats, the adrenaline was still flowing.  I gladly drank the two glasses of champagne (Rebecca doesn’t drink) which were a congratulatory surprise from the crew.

Now here we are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary. Did I mention that it’s our anniversary? That’s why my friend wanted to tag along.

Rebecca: Isn’t it perfect? 15 years later, you can give me more diamonds.

I love her sense of humour. Babe, we have enough rewards that we are gold status, will that do?

So if any of you young or not so young romantics are ready to pop the question, I highly recommend letting WestJet be your wing man!

Todd Talbot and Rebecca Talbot on their wedding day

Todd and Rebecca Talbot Todd and Rebecca Talbot Wedgewood Hotel anniversry



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