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I am so grateful for the amazing WestJetters who continue to make my commute to work so easy and fun. There is something about the vibe aboard WestJet that fits with my personality; they love the odd cheesy joke,  to be on time, and moving fast! All three elements I can totally relate to, especially the moving fast part.

Todd Talbot with WestJet staff

As you may know from my recent posts, we are shooting season 5 between Kelowna and Vancouver, and for those Kelowna shoot days, it has been an absolute lifesaver to be able to fly in the morning, shoot a day or two and fly out that evening after we wrap. Dana, our amazing PA (official title ‘cast care’), is waiting at the airport to shuttle me directly into the make up chair…Wait! Did I say make-up? I don’t wear make up!

While travel has a certain glamour to it, it also has some challenges that can be tough. Rebecca and I have known for many years that our relationship works best when we are together and of course having Ashlyn in grade 3 and Kesler in grade 1 makes it tricky to bring the family with me. Finding balance is everything, which is why flying has been great. I can even be on the 5:30 flight home and be able to tuck the kids in bed.

While Kelowna is my most frequent destination, the last year has been extremely busy flying across Canada and the US for work and it doesn’t appear that things are going to slow down any time soon. All this time in the air does have it’s benefits and the WestJet Rewards program is one of them. If you haven’t signed up, I highly recommend it.

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Todd Talbot arrives to fly WestJet

First, as a WestJet Rewards ‘Gold Member’ you get to have a call with Austin Powers (just kidding) you get to take the fast lane at security, which is my least favorite experience at the airport. You also have 10 passes to access lounges across the country, two free checked bags, advance boarding, and much more. The best thing about the WestJet Rewards program is that you don’t need to waste time figuring out point conversions and crazy expiry dates etc. WestJet dollars (the program’s currency) can be redeemed just like cash towards WestJet flights and vacation packages.

Todd Talbot checks in with WestJet

For anyone that travels a lot for work, you know it’s vitally important to have a travel partner that understands and makes things easier. With the demands of work and home pulling me in two directions, I’m thankful to have a whole team of people working equally as hard to bring everything together. Thanks WestJet!

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