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Wedgewood Hotel anniversary


Todd and I don’t make a big deal about our anniversary.  Sometimes he comes home with flowers, sometimes, I buy him a mug that says, “Good Morning Handsome” but mostly we spend the day much like all the others; busy this, busy that, until we snuggle into bed with a late night snack to watch a documentary on Netflix.  But maybe, because it’s our anniversary, we also say, ”

“Remember the day we got married?”


“That was a great day.”

“Yeah, I loved our wedding.”

“Me too.”

“Love ya babe.”

“I love you too.”

However, this year was our 10th anniversary….so we did the complete opposite of everything I just said.

This year’s checklist:

Lunch at the Truffle Pig in West Vancouver – reconnect

Grandparents babysit take the kids after school – freedom

Todd surprises Rebecca with a trip back to the wedding night at the Wedgewood Hotel – surprise!

Agent Provocateur – packed

Another surprise upon arrival; champagne and strawberries – courtesy of the Wedgewood

Christian Louboutins on the bed – sneaky Todd

Post check-in canoodle in the Honeymoon Suite – wearing said Louboutins

Dinner at the Bacchus Restaurant – gluten free, dairy fee, sugar free (almost – had to have the key lime pie!) made all the better by best long-time Bacchus Server ever Joel

Trip down memory lane to Fifth Avenue Cinemas for “A United Kingdom” bio pic – first date nod

Heavenly sleep-in with no kids, no noise, no disruptions – enough energy for a morning canoodle wearing nothing

Rebecca’s late morning jacuzzi dip – so many bubbles, Todd’s simultaneous workout –

Coffee and tea on our private patio on a rare day of sunshine – over the top

Capping off the whole weekend with high tea at the Bacchus Restaurant accompanied by our kids – full circle

Feeling so spoiled I won’t mind if next year goes like this:

“Oh, it was our anniversary today? I forgot!”

“Me too.”

“We are so lame.”

“Speak for yourself.”


Thank you to the exquisite Wedgewood Hotel in downtown Vancouver for answering the call when I reached out to plan the perfect trip down memory lane for Rebecca and I to celebrate our 10 years of marriage. It was a pleasure staying at this pristine hotel ten years later, when we actually had the time to relish in the luxury of the room, the restaurants and the property. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

And to the always talented Janis Nicolay, for capturing us, ten years later.

Wedgewood Hotel anniersary Wedgewood Hotel anniersary
Wedgewood Hotel anniersaryWedgewood Hotel anniversry

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