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Ok, here’s the thing about Spud you guys, I keep talking to people about how this grocery delivery has improved my quality of life but I need to do this post cuz I don’t think people are trying it. Usually people I talk to have heard of it but don’t get around to trying it for themselves. Here are three good reasons to read my tips to start and actually go for it: I’m eating more organic and more local foods more sustainably and saving money than buying the equivalent foods from the grocery store. Why isn’t everybody doing this?

In my own personal experience of getting on the Spud train, there were some brain blocks to get through before I fully adopted delivery. One of which was that it was too good to be true. Well it’s not. It’s a very real, very smart business that in my opinion is making the world a better place!

Here is a list of the things that stopped me and how to move past them: website1     Doing something I’ve never done before. (So if you like to try new things you can skip to number two). When trying something new, it’s always good to have someone in your life who has done it before. I’m recommending it to you now so you’re already a step ahead of me! Just go online to and take a look at the website, browse around and see what food they offer and how much it costs. When a good friend of ours mentioned how much she was enjoying her Spud delivers, she got a few messages from me asking about this and that in the process of getting started so that I didn’t feel so lost. More and more people are using grocery delivery so ask your friends, they are an awesome resource but if you don’t have a Spud friend go directly to the source!  CLICK HERE 


2     Call spud. Picking up the phone, for me, was a bit of a hurdle because I’m not much of a pick up the phone kind of girl. But at any step along the way of setting up online you face something that doesn’t work for you, just call spud. Things like your automatic delivery day can only be changed by the people at spud. (To save you the trouble, make sure you order your first delivery on the day of the week that you know you’re always going to want it). I managed my phone phobia by emailing instead. It slowed down the process (and drove Todd nuts) but was better than not doing at all! Call Customer Care at 604.215.7783





3     There is a lot to choose from! Don’t do the whole menu at once. Just start with the handful of items that you absolutely use every week and set them up as a standing order. This saves you 5% on the cost of the items right away. Our baseline standard order is: Eggs, almond milk, sourdough bread, apples, bananas, strawberries, cucumber, avocado, and sandwich meat. That’s it. Do steps one two and three, follow the prompts online for creating your account and placing your order and get your weekly staples delivered every Wednesday (you can choose a time of day for delivery too- took me a couple weeks to figure that out). Once you’ve tried it move on to step four.

4    Set up a custom schedule for items you don’t need as often. Once you are used to your weekly order, you might start to find it frustrating that you’re having to visit the grocery store for the other things. Now you’re ready to spend some time online browsing what spud has to offer! You can choose favourite things such as frozen waffles for example and put them on a biweekly delivery. You still get the 5% discount and you don’t have to eat waffles every day to keep you freezer from overflowing. We do this with yogurt, cheese, and frozen items (like waffles). You can set things up for every three weeks or every four weeks, once you click on “add to standing order” you have the choice to customize.



5      Last minute additions. You have until the evening before your scheduled delivery to make any changes to your order. Just make sure you click on the order button after you make changes to make them go through whether you are adding or removing items.

So those are my tips to get you started and if you have been thinking about it and not doing anything about it, I hope this post will put you in action. I love not spending hours in the grocery store and never running out of milk. I love not using grocery bags and buying local. Once you break the seal and have groceries appearing on your doorstep each week, trust me, you’re gonna love it!!!

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