Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot onstage at the Real Estate Wealth Expo


In the next few weeks, I’m hitting the road to talk about topics I love at the Real Estate Wealth Expo.

First stop, Dallas, Texas. I’ll be hitting the stage this weekend at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Centre with a great panel of other like minded people to talk about the real estate market, financial trends and more.

If you are in Dallas this Saturday October 21,  grab some tickets to the Real Estate Wealth Expo and be a part of one of my favorite conversations and hear some incredible speakers. I will be sharing my experience and insights. Tony Robbins will be there, Pitbull will entertain. It’s going to me amazing.

There are some other really great speakers and teachers participating in the both the Dallas and LA expos this year who all have great insight to share not only about the real estate market but other life changing perspectives.

And if you don’t happen to be in the Dallas area this weekend, find me in LA on Sunday November 5th.

Hope to see you there.

Todd Talbot on stage at the Real Estate Wealth Expo