Todd Talbot

Toyota Tacoma to the rescue


Because we opted for sunshine and left town this Christmas, we gave up our usual snowy stay at our regular log cabin rental in Eagle Bay. So when friends invited us to join them in a quick jaunt up Hemlock Mountain for a long weekend of skiing and snowing, we jumped at the chance.

Unfortunately, we got a bit of a slow start on Friday when Todd went to collect the ski gear from our garage out back and discovered that we’d been broken into… again! This time our thefty friends took Todd’s bike, which means the two of us are now in the market for new bikes, but thankfully it didn’t mean we couldn’t ski this weekend!

After a trip to the hardware store for supplies, Todd fixed the door, we loaded up the Tacoma with sleds, skis, boots, chips, beer and board games and made our way through rush hour to Chilliwack, BC.

The Tacoma all loaded up

We’ve never been to Sasquatch mountain ski resort before and the hill was just right for a couple of kids, a couple of novices and couple of guys who’ve skied enough not to mind hanging back with the gang for a day. I am always so impressed with the kids confidence bombing down the mountain. The sky was chucking down tons of white stuff and we were all skiing blind for the last couple of runs, but they were still veering off through the trees and asking for one more run after the adults were calling it quits due to wet. Nearly a foot of snow had dumped on us throughout the day as evidenced by the thick pile on the truck when we got back to it!


Todd and Ashlyn

Thank goodness for tons of room by the fire, we all needed some heavy duty drying out over night.Gear drying out

The forecast for the next day did not look good, but it was still snowing when we got up, so we decided to get in at least one good run before the snow turned into rain.

We did not get one good run in.  By the time we got to the top of the chair, the whole mountain was socked in.  The snow was like crazy glue and we all lurched our way down the hill. It was slow going and even though the kids didn’t complain, nobody asked for one more run when we got to the bottom.

Ashlyn Rebecca


There’s nothing like a good bucket of fries to lift the spirits though, so the boys went ahead to bring the gear back to the cabin and stoke the fire while the ladies and kids polished a couple of orders of fries in the lodge.  Our indulgence lasted just long enough for the snow plow to go by back at the cabin and block the driveway, trapping the truck inside.  I was not thrilled to be putting wet clothes back on myself and the kids to head out into the pouring rain even for the ten minute walk home that was ahead of us.

Then, like a scene out of Pretty Woman, we had just started down the road when my knight in shining black Tacoma arrived!

Toyota Tacoma to the rescue

Some people think Todd is just a TV show host. But he’s really not.  He’s really a door-fixing, gear-carrying, fire-stoking, ski-instructing, truck-driving hero.  We told him we’d walk home, but somehow he knew. He knew we were floundering like drowned rats lugging five pound boots on each foot through the thick slush and he saved the day.  That’s why I married him.  I always knew he was the kind of guy who wouldn’t sit around and wait for the snow to clear. He’d just put it into 4 low and drive up the side of the mountain anyway.

In case you’re wondering what we did with the rest of the wet weekend… all those chips, beer and board games came in very handy.

Thanks to OpenRoad Auto Group and OpenRoad Richmond Toyota for keeping us safe out on the roads.