Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot leans on his Toyota Tacoma

A Non-Car Guys Take on the Toyota Tacoma

I’m not a car guy…I joke about this but really, I don’t know anything about cars or trucks. This will definitely not be a detailed review from a technical perspective. What I look for is the most un-sexy list of criteria. In fact I find car buying a major stress that I avoid until the last possible moment.

Part of our journey back to the city and urban living is trying to eliminate one of our two cars. We aren’t there yet. But that’s my goal.

Right now we have a Toyota Tacoma and a Mini Countryman. It’s a great combo. Rebecca loves her Countryman and we are talking with Yaletown Mini right now trying to decide what’s the prudent (yes I said prudent, I’m old school) choice for a replacement. I REALLY want an electric car but at the moment I don’t have a place to plug it in at our property. We have street parking and no way to get the power to the car so I’m thwarted in the idea of how to make this work. Mini has a hybrid which is pretty cool. Any ideas?

Todd Talbot walks beside his Toyota Tacoma

Our other vehicle, for years now, has been a truck, and I’m hooked. Once you have a pick up it’s really hard to turn back. I switched from the F150 to the Tacoma when we moved back to the city and it’s great. I never realized the obsession and instant ‘club’ you join when you get a ‘taco’. It is sleek and simple just like me, at least I pretend to be sleek. It’s also economical in terms of purchase price, maintenance, and fuel economy. I often say all I want is a radio (talk radio), heated seats, and low maintenance.

The reason I drive this truck is that it can wear many hats just like me. A school drop off in the morning, swanky gala in the evening and in between…hockey gear, ski trips, bikes, dance party in the bed, towing, dump runs, renovations, renovations, and more renos!

Todd Talbot carrying wood to his Toyota Tacoma

I can’t break this down any further mostly because I have no more knowledge about my truck. I love you guys at open road Toyota Richmond but mostly because I’ve only seen you once in the last two years for an oil change 🙂

Ps There is one more thing I love…multiple AND adjustable tie down points in the bed of the truck! That’s just so you know I actually use my truck and not just baby it!!

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