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Late one night I was finishing a long day building our family home, while Rebecca was asleep with our newborn daughter and pregnant with our son I opened a cold beer, sat on the floor and was inspired to write an email to HGTV.  At that time, we hadn’t seen a west coast home show on TV and I was convinced that I should do it. 7 years later and I’m still waiting to hear back from them!




The point is, I’ve been a fan of home and garden television for a long time.   Rebecca and I were watching Scott’s Income Property, Sarah’s House, and even some of the golden oldies This Old House, Colour Confidential, and Candice Olson. As a die hard renovator I would be to0 stressed out to make it through Holmes on Holmes.  And then there was Love It or List It…

Early one morning I got a call from a producer friend of mine, Shel Piercy, who said that a new West Coast version of Love It or List It (yet to be named) was gearing up here in Vancouver and they were looking for a guy. They had struggled to find a good fit and Shel thought that it would bring my two worlds together perfectly. I threw my hat in the ring and eventually they paired me up with a woman named Jillian.

My journey to HGTV by Todd Talbot


Jillian and I met on our way to the screen test which was a filmed house walkthrough.  We didn’t know anything about each other and we came from really different worlds but the energy between us was easy and fun. From that first meeting, the show found it’s mix. It did take a while for the show to relax and let us put our own stamp on the things but we got there in the end. I thought we would likely shoot one season of 26 episodes and that would be it… wrong again.

Love it or List It Vancouver logo with Todd Talbot and Jillian Harris HGTV


Unlike most shows, we shoot year round and have been filming consistently for the past 5 years. This is a rarity in any TV gig. The good news is we film year round and the bad news is we film year round 🙂 Finding time for family and other shows has been tricky. I have been fortunate to participate in a few other home shows: ‘Who Lives Here’, ‘Game of Homes’  season 1&2 and the current season of ‘Home To Win’

Who lives here logo from W network and HGTV
Game of Homes logo HGTV


Stars of Home to Win HGTV

I opened a link the other day on the HGTV website and saw my photo in line with all the other HGTV hosts and it threw me for a second. I can be guilty of not stopping to reflect on what an interesting and cool journey my life continues to be. There hasn’t been much time to reflect between work, trying be there for my young family, prioritizing my relationship with Rebecca, managing my real estate portfolio, our clients, speaking across north america, developing new projects (for the upcoming chapters) all the while being full on with Love It or List It, Vancouver. It’s hard to keep it all in balance but I’ve learned through trial and error to focus more and more on what makes me happy and what matters most. And that brings me to where I am at now.

Todd Talbot Love it or List It Vancouver promo shot HGTV


What matters most? Taking care of the world, making a difference, creating a life my family and I can be proud of. Positivity. Action. Appreciation.

And with that in mind, I look forward to many more cool adventure aboard the ‘good ship HGTV.’ As I write this, tonights new episode marks the 100th episode we have shot. Stay tuned……..

Todd Talbot Love it or List it Vancouver promo shot HGTV