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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day

Hi everyone, happy early mothers day!

I have some amazing women/moms in my life so instead of me dreaming up what I ‘think’ might be a good way to celebrate the love, commitment, hard work, sleepless nights, and endless patience they bring to their families, I thought I’d go right to the source. These 4 women are super hero’s in my eyes. Here are some of their favourite picks (just forward this link to your kids 🙂 Let me introduce my beautiful wife Rebecca, my unbelievable mom Janey, my incredible agent Tyler, and my right hand woman the amazing Lynn.


What I really want on every occasion is a day when I don’t have to be responsible for everyone and our time together is spent in an amicable state of joy. With this in mind I have chosen gifts that whilst being consumed in this context would be an opportunity to connect and have fun. Plus Todd likes to give practical gifts for example if my bike helmet was stolen, a new bike helmet is the perfect thing for Mother’s Day. Here are a few creative ideas inspired by the Talbots:

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

I  love trying out new board games with the family and finding one that sticks. Our current fave is Qwingo and it’s so little we can travel with it. I also like to do challenging puzzles with the kids but Todd hates them! So the puzzle board from Ravensburger would be a gift for me with side Todd benefits.

My favourite gifts from Todd started way way back when he bought me roller blades – they were such an unusual gift for me and so fancy I loved them. So he’s always looking for an active gift that I will enjoy and for Mother’s Day they usually go along with activities we can do as a family. One year he and the kids even showed up with a bike! This year Todd has his sites on an Cascadia Board Co. Iserene paddle board. Hey Todd, how about the yoga version? 

Todd's Mother's Day Ideas

I have one of the Stella & Dot Blush Camo Crush It Backpack in each of the colour (camo blush and black) and highly recommend for moms on the go who need hands free but don’t want to look like they’re going back to school. It’s good for yoga, shopping, bike rides and travel. An all around handy backpack for Mom

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

Replacing an item that Mom regularly complains about being without is always a good idea. When we go for a bike ride as a family it feels good and makes everyone happy. The kids chose the Women’s Zefal Bike Helmet for me last Mother’s Day to replace mine that had been stolen and I haven’t taken it off since.

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

If you’re feeling bad because you haven’t put any thought into Mother’s Day and these creative ideas don’t inspire you then go for a necklace from Tiffany & Co. Hey Todd our kids might reeeeallly want to get me a necklace from Tiffany! I love both the gold Infinity Pendant  and the Silver Bow Pendant.

Janey (my mom)

My favourite thing about Mother’s Day is that I get a phone call from each of my adult children throughout the day. It makes my heart overflow with love for each one of them. Telus plays a big part in receiving these calls. (ps Todd tries to be first but isn’t always successful!) I believe that Mother’s Day is now about my son’s celebrating the women in their lives who are such amazing mothers to our grandchildren.

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

 Lastly, I just had a spoiler about a gift that my cycling husband is giving me for Mother’s Day, an e-bike from EVO Bicycle! So now that I’m in on it we get to go shopping together.


For me, the ideal Mother’s Day is spent at home with my kids and husband. I love devoting the day to being together as a family and putting all of my other responsibilities aside — soaking in the precious memories of becoming a mom for the first time.

That said, it’s always nice to be pampered a little bit too 😉 Breakfast in bed, a quick trip to the spa, or even just a thoughtfully indulgent gift!

I’ve been coveting the options below because they are fun, flirty, sentimental and indulgent!

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

This pink Cult Gaia Bagis the prettiest color blush – it would make such a cute statement piece with all of my Spring & Summer outfits to come!

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

The Herbivore products from Sephora are such a nice idea for the mom who should be pampered long after Mother’s Day has come and gone. I especially love the Herbivore Rose Quartz Roller  and the Herbivore Pink Cloud Moisture Cream. Its always nice to have a beautiful product on the shelf to remind you to take a few minutes to yourself each day!

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

The JHxMelanie Auld necklaceis truly a favorite of mine!  I love delicate gold necklaces and incorporating my kids initials is the perfect addition to this thoughtful gift!


I have always loved Mother’s Day. A chance to acknowledge and celebrate my own mother was something I loved to do as a child and still do to this day. Now that I am a mother myself, the day is even more special. Being together as a family, sharing the day with adventures, fun activities and a glass of bubbly is totally my ideal Mother’s Day

Who doesn’t have a list of things they are coveting! I will admit that I often have a long list running. These few things are high on my list right now.

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

I love these custom designed face oils by local Vancouver company, Vitruvi. I have been wanting to switch to a more natural beauty regiment and these are the perfect choice. You custom design your own kit of oils based on skin type, areas you might like to see improvement and personal fragrance choice. While you might not be able to make these selections specifically for the mother in your life, a gift certificate for her to craft her own would make the perfect gift.

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

Dainty, elegant and so very classic. I love the idea of a stack of delicate diamond bands, each symbolizing a special occasion. Especially this beautiful rose gold Metro band from Tiffany and Co. Nothing says special occasion like a turquoise box for the ultimate joy of surprise.

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

Patagonia is my go to for outdoor clothing. We spend a lot of time taking advantage of our West Coast home. I am probably the happiest when I am sharing experiences with my family, especially outdoors. And I am always looking for the perfect pieces that can take me from a hike to casual restaurant for après. The Patagonia Womens’ Organic Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover is perfect for school pick ups, hikes and rose drinking. 

Todd's Mother's Day ideas

Both the Alice and the Petit Alice woven bags by Clare V.are huge favorites of mine. These bags just feel like summer. They are the perfect blend of feminine, fun and functional.

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