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A movie night can simply be about the laughs. Putting your feet up and escaping for a brief moment to another world, another place, another time (actually can’t wait to see Baywatch, but that’s a different blog). But then sometimes you stumble upon a movie that really resonates. All the way to your core. That movie for me, and for so many people it seems, is Minimalism. There is a lot of attention focused on this doc right now. A film exploring the important things in life has come at a time when many of us are taking stock of how we are living. The bigger question is how we are engaging with the world.


It’s the never ending quest to slow life down, take in moments and memories rather than barrel forward, without intent and purpose. And to do this, free ourselves of the ‘extra’ stuff in our lives that holds us down. For some, this means emotional baggage, for others, it’s a giant stack of rarely used t-shirts. The concept of a more minimalistic life is huge and a bit scary, it flys in the face of the ideas we are bombard with everyday, all day. My goal is to work toward more happiness and less stuff.  Only live with things that have value and remove objects and items from your home that serve no real purpose. But we are taking that one step further so stay tuned to see what the Talbot clan has in store…

Beyond basic decluttering, which has been awesome, what I find so fascinating is how this film is sparking great conversation with so many people that I encounter. I’ve had really powerful conversations about the concepts in this film and I’ve seen lots of different ways to take on minimalism. The ideas this film presents are making people think. Which makes people converse, something we are starved for in our busy, high tech world. This documentary has been a catalyst for me to make powerful changes in my life. I wonder how many others it has had the same effect on.

If you have not seen the movie, there is a great opportunity next week to watch and join in the conversation. Here in Vancouver, this film is bringing together some amazing people. All who share similar passions about bettering life and simplifying. As part of their monthly Mindful Movie Night series, Erin Ireland, Zach, Meghan and Ryan from The Juice Truck and Boyd from Stretch Yoga Studio Vancouver share a film that sparks thought. That makes people think and expands their minds about the world and their own communities. This month, they are featuring Minimalism. I was excited when Erin asked if I would cohost this event. This is a great monthly series that always features incredible food. This months mouth watering and revolutionary vegan treats are sponsored by Molly of Yellow Basket Baking.

There is limited capacity at this event so if you are interested I would suggest you make it happen.

Here are all the details –

Date – Wednesday May 24th, 2017

Time – Doors 6:40pm, Movie 7:00pm – 9:00pm

Location – Stretch Yoga Studio

180 E Pender (2nd floor, above the Vancity Bank)

How to reserve a seat – email with the number of seats you would like

Suggested donation – $10 (partial proceeds will be donated to Covenant House 

I won’t spoil anymore of the movie here because the concepts are really powerful and will mean something different to everyone who watches this documentary. Because for each of us, what it means to minimize and what makes us happy is very different. In so many ways this film is bringing people together. And if nothing else, creating more conversation in our lives. And maybe cleaning out our closets!

What changes would you make to your life to take on a more minimal approach?

I’d love to keep this conversation going.



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