Todd Talbot

Love It Or List It?


To Love or To List….is that really the question?

The above question really looks at the house itself which is a huge part of everyones decision to stay or go, but is it the MOST important part? Really interesting stats from Trulia about the Love It or List decision when it comes to home buying and selling.

Love It Or List It?


The idea is backed up by the most common phrase I’ve heard on Love It or List It over the last 104 episodes “I want to stay in my neighborhood.”

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately; it’s clear location is more important to people than the home itself…..and rightly so. While location is the single most important element to get right when you buy real estate both for lifestyle and future value, people can also get ‘stuck’ in a location because they get comfortable. The big question is, are you prioritizing location for the right reasons? My personal opinion is that if you need to sacrifice house for location you should absolutely do that!

Love It Or List It?


Where do you fit? Maybe this check in will help you decide what your next step is on the property ladder. I’ve jumped back into the market again after a few years sitting on the sidelines and I can tell you it sure gets the heart pumping no matter how many times you buy or sell. I’m looking forward to sharing our journey and process with you all. I can assure you it’s not what you might think!

Stuck – scared of the idea of change 

The first category is a group of people that have gotten so comfortable that they are scared to move because it’s too tough emotionally or too confronting. The idea of closing one chapter and starting a new one appears to be a sacrifice and not an adventure. The comfort of knowing your neighbors, the schools and the amenities, are enough to keep you rooted. I get it. It actually takes a lot of energy, bravery…and money to make it happen. I just like to see people choosing to live in their home because they are making that choice and not defaulting to it because it’s the easiest solution.

Love It Or List?

Perfect Fit – if it’s working no need for change 

There is another faction who are actually in the perfect location, where the community and neighborhood are the perfect git for where they are in their lives. Proximity to amenities as well as the feeling they get when they meet their neighbors or watch their kids ride their bikes along the quiet street. Coupled with positive growth and land value ,there is no reason to move. This is the perfect fit for a reno if your house isn’t working. Remember ANYTHING can be changed in a house but you can’t move the dirt it’s built on.

Seeker/Adventurer – a need for change 

The third category is probably where Rebecca and I fit best. We love the idea of change and are always on the look out for the next fun opportunity Folks in this category get excited by the idea of a move and love the challenge of finding a cool location with a project attached. Something they believe will increase in value because of the vibe and momentum in the area.

Where do you fit on the spectrum?