Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen


Ah the kitchen, the heart of the home. This one was close to flatlining until we sparked some new life into her with a little help from some friends. The process was a bit more than we bargained for – working with a complicated, old, small space that we didn’t let off the hook in any way. Looking at how far we’ve come, it feels like we’ve polished a little treasure out of the rough.

The kitchen started out as a disjointed mish-mash of random essential parts: a sink here, a fridge there, a chimney in the middle, an oven on the other side and we still needed to somehow fit a stairwell into it too.  So we gutted everything, took out a wall, stealing space from the mudroom, and cut a hole in the floor that swallowed up the chimney stack as well. This gave us about 100 square feet of useable space to create our cute, fresh, little retro-inspired kitchen.

Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen

Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen

It all started with the colour

When scouring the internet for retro kitchen inspiration we found a lot of green and pastel kitchens popping up here and there.  Green and I have a history that made me tentative about taking that leap but with the current trend of mint/pistachio cropping up in home stores as well as appliances, I started to like the idea and now it’s one of my favourite things about our finished product.  We went for a customized version of a subtly minty colour called “Yoga Stretch”.  We opted for the white finish on our KitchenAid mixer but their entire line of countertop appliances comes in a pistachio if you want to bring in the trend without adding colour to your cabinets.

Where to put those countertop appliances? On the countertop of course!

The Home Depot stocks a world of engineered stone with endless possibility.  Thankfully, our selection was made easy when they introduced us to the two latest colors from “Eternal” Silestone collection by Cosentino.  Eternal Calcutta Gold we loved although it didn’t jive with our green so we hope to find somewhere to use it in the future. Eternal Statuario, however, with just enough veining on a warm white background suited us to a T. Because our square footage is small and a thick slab would have been too modern we chose a “round-over” edge countertop and got our modern hit through feel instead choosing a Suede finish that’s lovely to run your hands over leaving no fingerprints


Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen

When the sink sinks

We always envisioned an apron-front, white enamel, cast iron sink under the window.  We tried every which way to make it fit and ultimately had to let it go.  Our opening was only 24” which made our sink dimension even smaller.  We really didn’t want a mickey mouse sink that you couldn’t properly wash a pot in and were having trouble finding a replacement for our original idea.  Our Home Depot buddies sourced a deep, stainless steel, Kohler sink that we are just delighted with.  The faucet is also Kohler and my favourite thing about it is how it holds your chosen stream even when shut off.  Considering most of our time is spent using the wide spray that is Kohler’s trademark, it’s a bonus that I don’t have flip the setting back to it every time I turn on the tap.  (It’s the little things isn’t it?)

Applying the appliances

Choosing appliances that wouldn’t pull focus or distract from our chosen style led us to the decision to camouflage the fridge and dishwasher with cabinet fronts.  KitchenAid has a line called panel-ready that allows you to custom fit your own doors and pulls.  The custom cabinet gurus at Troico dealt with the imperfections of our irregular walls and floors to make a seamless flow between appliance and cabinet.  This way we could indulge in a beefy fridge without it overpowering the whole kitchen.  Stainless steel was our best option for an aesthetically pleasing range and we used the pulls from this industrial-look KitchenAid unit on the fridge as well to tie it together.  On the dishwasher we used the same shell-shaped pulls as the rest of the drawers.

Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen

A little Seaside flare is always welcome

Living on the west-coast it’s easy to find natural beach-inspired accoutrement for the home and it never feels out of place.  We loved the seashell shape of this glass tile from The Home Depot Canada and at only $19.88/sqft it was a steal.  Of course no shoreline is complete without elements of wood and we really needed some of that natural warmth to complete the space so we picked up a chunky cutting board, trivets and salt dish in teak and oak.

Todd Talbot shares his newly renovated kitchen

No matter the challenges, set-backs and time it takes to complete, we always try to have fun which is what I think this kitchen turned out to be.

Thank you to The Home Depot Canada for being a great partner in our kitchen renovation.

Appliances, Silestone countertops, Sink, Faucet, Pulls, Knobs, Backsplash – The Home Depot Canada

Countertop Installation – Valley Countertops via The Home Depot Canada Installation services

Custom Cabinetry – Troico

Colour consultation – Rudy Winston Design

Photo Credits – Janis Nicolay