Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot shows off the paint he is choosing for his master bedroom overhaul


You may have seen on Instagram Stories that I’ve been putting some serious hours in on the house. Entry way details, tiling in the powder room and a complete update for our master bedroom. The reason for all this sweat equity? We have been getting our home ready to sell as we continue our mission to streamline our life.  Stay tuned for lots of exciting details about the move, the new place, the new lifestyle, but for now, I thought this was a great opportunity to share one, of many, tips that can really increase the value of your home when getting ready to put it on the market (and if you aren’t selling its a great treat to yourself!)

Todd Talbot shares his tips on how a fresh coat of paint and increase your return on investment when selling your home

Our master bedroom is one of the final rooms in our home that needed completing. And step one for any makeover is a clean slate = paint. A fresh coat can make your home look more modern and appealing in a few hours, which attracts more potential buyers and can increase the final sale price (or make you love it again). Whatever renovation you think needs to be done, nothing competes with up to 165% ROI for paint…which is one of the highest of any home improvement project. Just a little sweat equity baby!!

Everyone loves white and bright these days and so do we. We have a spectacular view from the bedroom and wanted to showcase an amazing custom wood headboard (look for details of the headboard and the whole master bedroom reveal coming soon). White lets all those elements pop. But choosing the perfect white was not so simple. There are 10 billion types of white 🙂 To narrow things down we chose Behr paint from The Home Depot Canada (which is my happy place)

Behr PREMIUM PLUS Zero Voc paint from The Home Depot Canada

How do you chose the perfect colour? A lot of paint samples! We had dozens and dozens of  ‘white’ paint chips (although I still think they are called chits). Once you have narrowed it down bring home a couple sample pots and throw a few choices on all four walls. You’ll want to see what the colour looks like on each wall in relation to the light throughout the day. Once you’ve spent a day or two with the samples painted out on the walls, it will be much easier to make a final decision. This is way better than picking a colour, painting out the entire room and not being happy. Trust me, I’ve done that…

Behr PREMIUM PLUS Zero VOC paint from The Home Depot Canada

After considering a wide range of whites like Smart White, White Smoke, Bleached Linen, Patience (you need a lot of this when choosing paint) we finally settled on Subtle Touch for the walls which seems more than appropriate!

Todd Talbot renovates his master bedroom

Something that has become very important to us is our environmental impact and as such we really wanted to use a low VOC paint. Paint with a low or zero VOC rating free of the carbon producing compounds that vaporize into the air and contribute to air pollution and a variety of other health issues. Paint has long been one of the worst environmental offenders, second to automobiles. Which is why paint companies have worked hard to find an alternative solution. Luckily, The Home Depot is well stocked with Behr PREMIUM PLUS which is a zero VOC paint.

A few other tips. It’s easy to spot a quick and dirty paint job and isn’t worth the time or effort so make sure you fill and patch all nicks, dents, holes before painting. It’s a simple step that does not take a lot of extra time but can make such a huge impact to the final product. Lastly, use yellow Frog Tape, not the green, its the best!

Todd Talbot renovates his master bedroom with the help of The Home Depot Canada

Todd Talbot updates his master bedroom with the help of The Home Depot Canada

Everyone loves the smell of fresh paint. It’s right up there with the smell of a new car, fresh  coffee and baking. I guarantee that if you put a little elbow grease into updating the walls of your home you will reap the benefits. At least we certainly hope so! I promise to share the full master bedroom reveal soon as well as all the details of the big move to down sizing. It’s going to be a busy summer and fall for the Talbots. Stay tuned.

Thank you to The Home Depot Canada for supplying the paint for our master bedroom refresh.