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A month or so ago I shared a photo on Instagram introducing my new fri-endy: Endy! If you haven’t heard of them (yet), they’re a super cool Canadian company that ships the most comfortable mattress right to your door. I’ve received hundreds of comments and messages since my post about my Endy mattressand now’s the time to share my full review.

How’s our sleep? In a word… Awesome. I’m glad we chose Endy, and I can’t recommend this mattress enough.

We spent the summer building a bunk house at our Kelowna cabin and needed comfy mattresses to finish the space. We had heard such amazing things about this company from some of our friends, including fellow West Coaster Tori from Fraiche Nutrition, and knew we had to jump on board the Endy train.

If you’re looking to upgrade your sleep, here’s what we love about Endy:

Crazy comfortable: This mattress is no joke. When they first arrived to our door (yes – it ships to your door in a box… Don’t worry, I’ll get to that) we were skeptical. Once we got that bad boy unboxed we couldn’t believe how comfortable and supportive it was. When you spend the whole day on the dock, being active, and having fun as a family, it’s so important to rest up and get a great sleep each night. We woke up every morning refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Right to your door: The process of shopping for a mattress can be intimidating . You go to a store and lay on a few mattresses, haggle with a sales person and have to wait weeks before your mattress arrives. Endy makes this whole process seriously easy. You go to endy.comand pick the mattress size you are looking for, add some Endy pillows or their soft Endy sheets if you’re feeling so inclined, and check out. In a couple of days, your Endy mattress, which is compressed and rolled, is delivered right to your front door in a box the size of a hockey bag. We unboxed the mattresses as a family and found the whole process super fun.  I was concerned we couldn’t sleep on the mattress the same night because of off-gassing but there wasn’t any!


Made for Canadians by Canadians: Rebecca and I love to support Canadian companies and once I found out that Endy is proudly Canadian, and their mattress is made here in Canada, I knew I had to get on board. Honestly, the mattress needs to be comfortable first and foremost, but buying local is a bonus.

Customized pillows: People often forget about the pillow. For me, it makes a huge impact in getting a really great night’s sleep. One thing I actually didn’t know about the Endy Pillow until a few weeks ago is that it is adjustable. It comes super overstuffed (way too firm for me) and you can remove handfuls of shredded foam from the pillow’s inner core to lower its profile and make it more fluffy. You can even make an on-the-go travel pillow by storing the extra foam in the provided mesh case. That’s pillow-vation, people. (I had to slip in one dad joke 😉

100-Night Trial: Endy offers a 100 night trialperiod for their mattress. You have 100 nights – that’s more than 3 months to try the mattress in your home, and if you don’t love it they’ll come pick it up and grant you a full refund, no questions asked.

Materials:I received a ton of questions about how the Endy mattress is made and what it’s made from. Endy is a foam mattress made up of three different layers. The bottom layer is very firm to provide support and proper spine alignment. On top there’s a layer of Endy Comfort Foam, made with open air cell foam – this unique foam ensures the mattress remains breathable and never gets too hot. And in the middle there’s a transitional layer which perfectly melds this Endy mattress sandwich. The mattress and all of its foam components are fully made in Canada, which is awesome. Plus all the foam used is CertiPUR-US certified, meaning an independent organization has vetted the materials to ensure they are safe and non-toxic. As a dad, this was super important to me and one of the reasons we went with Endy.

The bottom line? All of us in the Talbot family are loving our new sleeps with Endy.

If you’re interested in giving my fri-endy Endy a try, use my promo code TODD50 at for $50 off any size Endy mattress. Also, no matter what province you live in, shipping is free! Plus with the 100-night trial there really is no second guessing to order one for yourself right now.

If you already have an Endy in your home let me know how you like it by commenting on my recent Instagram photo!

Thank you Endy for supplying us with the mattresses to test out! Though this is a sponsored post, all opinions are my own.

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