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Done your taxes yet? Didn’t think so…

I think the office thought I was crazy taking photo’s and jumping on furniture and desks as they were all preparing peoples taxes (as seen below)…but that’s just how I roll. I eventually sat down with Tax Professional, Roya Ganji and her team and asked them a few questions. I also worked with H&R Block to go over my taxes from previous years to uncover any hidden refunds. The ‘Second Look’ process was actually really cool. OK Roya, take it away!

Link to online filing and more information here: It’s Payback Season

Why would someone choose to file their taxes with H&R Block?

We have over 50 years of helping Canadians file their taxes and each of our tax experts receives over 70 hours of training each year on the latest tax changes. Plus we’re open year round to help you with your taxes anytime of year.

What service do you offer in your office?

We offer income tax preparation for individuals, small business, US taxes, final returns, book keeping and more. We offer Peace of Mind which is our audit protection and a maximum refund guarantee. Plus if you want, you can choose to receive your refund instantly. We really just strive to make your taxes as easy as possible.

Do you offer online filing? Can you give us some details about the online filing system?

We do! We have a great online tax software. You can find it on our website, It offers step-by-step guide to easily complete your return. But honestly, the best part is that the tax software is 100% free. We believe if you do your taxes yourself, you shouldn’t have to pay to do it.


How can H&R Block hope Canadians save more money on their tax returns?

This goes back to our trained tax experts. They look at your life through your taxes and find ways to help. So they’ll ask you all kinds of questions to find out what kinds of credits and deductions you might be eligible for. Plus they offer great tips for next year on how you can maximize your refund or help offset if you owe.

Can you explain what happens when someone comes in to do a Second Look?

Our free second look service is a great way for someone to try us risk free. You just bring in your taxes that you filed elsewhere (or by yourself) and we’ll review it and let you know if there’s anything you missed. All for free. If we find a difference, we’ll let you know and then we can help you file an amendment.


What are the key messages that H&R Block wants to communicate with clients?

We’re the largest retail tax preparer in the country for over 50 years for good reason. Canadians trust us with their taxes. We really take the time to get to know our clients unique tax situation and help them get the most back, And we’ll help them every step of the way from communicating with the CRA to offering tax tips. Come see us today and see how we can best prepare your taxes.

Thank you so much to Roya and her team for taking me through a Second Look.

I partnered with H&R Block so I could try the Second Look experience first hand…get it, second look, first hand…ok bad Dad joke, sorry!



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