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Todd Talbot shares Father's Day gift ideas

Day 4 – The DIY Dad

Todays Giveaway: An exciting package from Plumbing Online 

You may not think Plumbing Online is giving away the sexiest items of our giveaway but you’d be wrong. Home technology can help the efficiency, safety, and ease of managing your house. I’ve gone through some of my top product picks from Plumbing Online, which are perfect for any tech-loving Dad. And our giveaway will make your house extra happy!



Flo by Moen

Water leak detection system that connects to your phone.

With Flo by Moen, 60% of homeowners immediately discover a leak they didn’t know they had. The Flo runs daily tests to ensure your home plumbing network is running efficiently. It continuously checks for leaks and potential vulnerabilities in your pipes – and even automatically shuts off water to your home in the event of a catastrophic failure. This smart technology also connects to your phone and sends alerts in real-time if a leak is detected. It allows users to set water consumption goals, monitor daily usage, and turn water on and off remotely.

Other notable features:

  • Remote and automatic water shutoff
  • Proactive maintenance alerts (before there’s a leak)
  • Learns water use and identifies all leaks, anywhere in your home
  • Daily tests to maintain a leak-free home

Todd Talbot shares Father's Day gift ideas

Honeywell Home C2 Lyric Wi-Fi Security Camera

Smart home security camera that connects to your phone and allows for two-way audio.

The C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera knows the difference between a crying baby and a compatible smoke alarm – plus it will notify you of both. Pick the right spot and the 145° Wide-Angle View shows what’s happening in 1080p HD while detecting other movements and sounds.

Other notable features:

  • Advanced night vision mode adds clarity to help you keep an eye on things up to 10 metres away, for more reliability, quality and peace of mind.
  • Adjustable alert zones. Set up to four special alert zones to increase sensitivity around windows or doors, or ignore background motion like ceiling fans to avoid false alerts.
  • The handy two-way audio function means you can keep in touch with home and family wherever you are. It also means if you see your playful pet eating the mail, you can tell him to stop – right then and there.
  • Uses geofencing to track your location, enabling Home and Away modes. It means the camera automatically turns on when you leave, then off when you return. You can also keep it on when you’re home to listen for your baby crying. Whatever you choose, it’s in tune with your movements.

Todd Talbot shares Father's Day gift ideas

Honeywell Home T10 Pro Smart Thermostat

Smart thermostat that connects to your phone so you can set up temperature sensors to automatically sense the temperature in certain rooms for improved home comfort.

This Smart Thermostat connects to your phone so you can set up sensors to automatically detect the temperature in certain rooms for improved home comfort. 
With Smart Room Sensors, the T10 can know which rooms are in use so it can automatically focus on them. Intelligent motion detection algorithms help it tell the difference between someone passing through or spending time in a room, so your ideal comfort can efficiently follow you and your family from room to room over the course of your day. So, if the kids are doing homework or playing while you get dinner ready, everyone will be cozy – and when it’s time to gather, it can keep up.
Place Smart Room Sensors where you want to see each room’s temperature and humidity. Use the multi-room display on the thermostat’s touchscreen or in the app to easily focus on rooms either based on their occupancy or according to a specific schedule you choose.

Notable features –

  • Touch screen display
  • Location-based temperature control
  • Works with Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and more
  • Prioritize living areas during the day and bedrooms at night for comfort

Todd Talbot shares Father's Day gift ideas

ESP-TM2 (TM2-8-120V) Smart Irrigation Controller by Rain Bird 

Set up your watering schedule with your phone.

Eight station indoor/outdoor irrigation controller that when paired with LNK WiFi Module is WiFi-enabled. Also, use the internet-based weather info to make automatic daily adjustments to the schedule, saving up to 30% in water.

Other notable features:

  • With the flexibility of 3 programs and 4 start times so you can tailor your watering schedule to your landscape’s needs
  • NEW large back-lit LCD display for improved visibility in low-light and direct sunlight conditions
  • Set timing anywhere from 1 minute to 6 hours
  • Contractor Default allows you to easily save and restore your custom schedule
  • Delay Watering up to 14 days and automatically resume watering after the set delay has elapsed
  • Bypass Rain Sensor for any station gives you the ability to customize which stations react to a rain sensor
  • Set Permanent Days Off per program to ensure watering never occurs on days when maintenance crews are on site (for Odd/Even/ Cyclic schedules)
  • Seasonal Adjust by program allows you to easily reduce or increase watering by program

Todd Talbot shares Father's Day gift ideas


  • One Flo by Moen
  • One C2 Wi-Fi Security Camera by Honeywell Home
  • One T10 Pro Smart Thermostat by Honeywell Home
  • One ESP- TM2 (TM2-8-120V) Smart Irrigation Controller by Rain Bird including LNK WiFi Module allowing the controller to be WiFi-enabled



  • Prize must be redeemed before December 31, 2019.

To enter:

  • Follow @toddtalbot and @plumbingonline on Instagram & Facebook and respond to question asked in the photo caption
  • Account must be public to qualify for prizing
  • Giveaway runs from 8 AM PST on June 4,  2019 and ends 11:55 PM PST on June 7, 2019
  • No purchase necessary to enter this giveaway
  • One winner will be selected by random number draw and announced on Saturday June 8, 2019
  • The winner will be contacted within 24 hours to make prizing arrangements
  • Open to residents of Canada ONLY
  • There are no exchanges, transfers or cash value
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