Todd Talbot

Todd Talbot jumps in front of a Big Steel Box


I’m thrilled to be the BigSteelBox Ambassador.

When Rebecca and I started our journey to Right-size our house and our lives, we did it because we wanted to take some of the complication out of our lives.

One company that helped us in that process was BigSteelBox. Their motto is to take the stress out of moving, and they certainly did!

When we were leaving our home in Lion’s Bay we realized that we had way more stuff than space (bear in mind that we moved from an 3000 sf home, to a 1200 sf home in East Vancouver).  We needed a solution. That’s when our friends at BigSteelBox came to the rescue.

Todd Talbot in a Big Steel Box

Every family has items like old grandfather clocks, antique furniture, and precious memorabilia that they don’t want to part with just like us. We had a few of these larger pieces (and several smaller ones) that we didn’t want to get rid of, but we knew we didn’t have room for it in the new house.

BigSteelBox helped us out by dropping off a Box on the street outside our new house. With a permit from the city, we were able to leave it there to pack at our leisure. After a few days, BigSteelBox came again and picked up the box to move it to one of their secure storage locations.

Todd Talbot and Big Steel Box

Unlike the little, decrepit, falling down garage at our new house, the BigSteelBox is wind, water and rodent proof and comes with a Lock Box to protect it from bolt cutters. Eventually we will have the box delivered so that we can move the rest of our stuff into our completed renovation. Until then, we can still access whatever we need as we go along. Instant peace of mind.

Todd Talbot in front of a Big Steel Box

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