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A Financial Trim with The Wealthy Barber!

If you haven’t read it, it’s time. It should be part of the educational curriculum for every high school student. The fact they don’t teach family/personal finance in school has always confused me. Dealing with money and real estate is something we all face and it would be amazing if we were armed from the start to plan appropriately. Don’t be fooled by The Wealthy Barber‘s simplicity, in fact, ‘experts’ often over complicate in order to intimidate and to make themselves feel important. One of the cornerstones of being an adult is to know, understand, and be responsible for your finances. This book kick starts that conversation.

My copy has been read and re-read by so many I have lost count. One of my earliest inspirations in the world of personal finance is David Chilton, the author of the book. The copy in the photo was given to me and my family in the summer of 1991 and I still have it right beside me. Thanks to my Aunt Lee and Uncle Wayne!

Over the years when I get into a conversation about personal finance and money I often reference The Wealthy Barber, and to my surprise, there are still a number of people who haven’t read it…sorry David, I’m doing my best to spread the gospel.

Although, there is a limited focus on Real Estate (my vehicle    of choice) it focuses on a much more universal issue: simple financial literacy. The impetus for my real estate investments has always been to build a stable foundation that enables me and my family to have the freedom to follow our passions and experience life to the fullest.

It’s not the sexiest topic in the world, but I have been preaching the idea of financial responsibility for years and doing workshops to simplify the process of investing and more importantly clearing away misconceptions and empowering people to get started.

If you haven’t read The Wealthy Barber pick up a copy now. It’s fun, entertaining, and full of insight.

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