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I like to think I’m an enlightened, west coaster who knows a thing or two about living a whole life. I did spend some formative years living on Saltspring Island with my hippy parents after all.

I think we can all agree it’s damn hard to live a ‘whole life’. Like trying to keep a bunch of balls in the air, the moment you get distracted or busy, one of them falls. For the past year I’ve had that little voice in my head saying that I was drinking too much, not exercising, and eating poorly. I managed to muzzle that voice. I was in the worst shape of my life and had bought into this whole ‘dad bod’ BS. Why is it acceptable or trendy to be an out of shape dad? What’s with that?



After seeing my out of shape body in photos on our trip to Mexico, I was surprised how I looked and I started to wonder how Rebecca could be attracted to me. Could I keep up with my kids in a few years? Could I even lace up my skates and play hockey without keeling over?

I’m the kind of guy who commits to something in an all or nothing kind of way. I am really competitive with myself. All I needed was that spark of inspiration.  So, I committed to doing the Whole Life Challenge for 8 weeks. One of my best friends had done it a couple times and suggested that it would re-boot my body.



What I found was that it re-booted more than just my body.

To keep me on track and accountable I told everyone around me what I was up to. I felt compelled to explain to servers why I was being so picky and to others why I wasn’t drinking. That urge to cheat is curbed when others know what you are doing.  It does incite some teasing though, especially from Jillian. When she said I would never make it 8 weeks- that was great fuel for me.


One of the coolest things to come out of this is how invested Rebecca and the kids have been. They are all so supportive which is awesome and both my kids have a heightened awareness of what they are eating now.  I try to make it fun for them and in week 2 Ashlyn got inspired and did the challenge with me for a week. Kesler did it with me for a few hours… a bit tough for a 5 year old.



So I’ve been doing this re-boot for about 7 weeks and there are 7 structured elements that I focus on each day. In a week or so, at the end of this challenge I will share the steps and how I managed with each one.

I’m still calling it a challenge because I’m facing off with the world around me on a daily basis.  My work requires that I be available to talk to clients, producers, agents and publicists at any hour of the day. If I’m offline for a day I lose touch, the pile stacks up and the work is even heavier the next day.  Whether on set, with family and friends or eating out, the foods we commonly eat are so often not “whole”.  The people around me have been uber supportive and amazingly accommodating, but it’s work.  It makes me think about a shift in our communal identity.  I already see many instances of people leaning in the direction of leading a healthy, sustainable life, once you jump on the path the others who are aligned appear! How can we make a change that sticks? These are ongoing questions to ask and I will continue to share my thoughts…I hope you stick around and let me know what’s working for you!

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