Realtor Speak

Language profoundly influences the way we see the world and communicate with each other.  Realtors get flack for the type of language that they use… cliches, jargon, metaphors… Read More

PNE 2014

PNE 2014!  A Vancouver Tradition going strong… Read More

About Todd Talbot

As a kid, I spent countless hours repairing an array of miscellaneous items around our house, earning me the name of "Mr. Fix It" by my grandparents. Other family members celebrated my verbosity by making a shirt for me that read "Motor Mouth." It turns out these two nicknames have been instrumental in shaping my future career.

As a teen, I got hooked on performing and became a professional actor on TV with a starring role on the hit TV series, Fifteen on Nickelodeon. Later, in my twenties, I completed my theatre training in England and from there, went on to build an award-winning stage career across Canada that has spanned more than twenty years. Read More