The Science (art) of pricing your house to sell

Recently, I have had many conversations with sellers about pricing their house to sell. Making the right choice is a delicate balance of statistical evaluation and emotional response.

It doesn't matter who you are, every seller wants the most money they can possibly get for their home, and rightly so. Pricing is a critical, if not the most important, aspect to being successful. Read More

Once Upon a Time...

What is your favourite childhood storybook, or the first book you can remember reading with your parents? Did you read the same book every night before bed? Was there a book you borrowed so many times from the library it was like the library was borrowing it from you? I've heard it said that a book can transport you to another place and time, but this is not what I thought they were talking about... Read More

About Todd Talbot

As a kid, I spent countless hours repairing an array of miscellaneous items around our house, earning me the name of "Mr. Fix It" by my grandparents. Other family members celebrated my verbosity by making a shirt for me that read "Motor Mouth." It turns out these two nicknames have been instrumental in shaping my future career.

As a teen, I got hooked on performing and became a professional actor on TV with a starring role on the hit TV series, Fifteen on Nickelodeon. Later, in my twenties, I completed my theatre training in England and from there, went on to build an award-winning stage career across Canada that has spanned more than twenty years. Read More