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 Last night the Johnnie Walker Blue was flowing, the karaoke challenge brought out the brave, and the (cold) showers were turned was a magical night that raised $22,500 kicking off my fundraising efforts for @covenanthousebc @partyboyclemo @rabeccaelizabeth @kaithargreaves @kennygemmill @charles_bilash @johnniewalker  One week from today we kick off the Vancouver Fall Home Show!! It’s one of my favorite events in my calendar. Being on TV is great but it can’t replace being on stage talking with you. Come out Saturday or Sunday when I will share some big ideas and a little inspiration around how to navigate our real estate’s not what you might think!! You can ask all your burning questions about renovation, design, investment, buying and selling as well as hear some behind the scenes news from a little TV show I’ve been shooting for the last 6 years  It’s a star studded line up with my buddies @colinandjustin and the charming and colorful @thetiffanypratt If you want 2 for 1 tickets use my discount code TODDTALBOT (link in bio) @vanhomeshows #vfhs18 #rightsizing #vancouver #realestate PS I’ll also share my take on what’s happening right now in the market and what’s coming...see you there!!  @pineconecamp
 GIVEAWAY!! I want you and three friends to be my guests this weekend at the home show in Vancouver  Tag a friend (or more) below and come out for a little pre show meet up and what else can we throw in...some popcorn? I’m on stage Saturday at 6 and Sunday at 2 #comewithyourbestheckle @vanhomeshows  Today is world mental health day and @rabeccaelizabeth and I are standing together, open, and proud to share what we do to promote mental ‘wellness’ for ourselves. I TALK...which helps me get all my thoughts and feelings that build up and rattle around inside...out. For those of you close to me, you already know this...I can talk your ear off...thank you for listening. Mental health is something we ALL deal with every day and continues to get less stigmatized but there’s still a long way to go. Please have compassion and patience with those around you as you travel through your day, we are all in this together ❤️ What do you do to take care of your mental health? #FOTshiftingperceptions #WorldMentalHealthDay #MentalHealthMatters #FaceofToday #RemoveTheStigma
 Tonight our amazing community comes together for my 4th annual fundraiser for @covenanthousebc We will raise a ton of money in advance of the sleep out on November 15th. CH is an amazing organization that creates a life changing experience when we get a small glimpse into what life is like for youth who find themselves on the streets. As a parent it’s heartbreaking. Follow along today on my stories because I’m going to share the countless businesses and people who stepped up to make tonight’s #PottyTime2018 a huge success. From the bottom of my heart ❤️ thank-you!! It truly takes a village @lynnmayg @fairmontvancouverairport @colinburslem @kssvancouver @moodyales @resurrectionspirits @diageo @boldeventcreative @urbanmachina @showcasepianos @seanneybb @westinyvr @opushotel @wolf_co @oxfordandkin @givelandeau @tensewatches @cfinteriordesign @madlabschooloffitness @theconnectionapp @nudevodkasoda @emilclothingco @bloomstrategies and to all the generous and supportive ticket buyers!! If you are inspired to throw a few bucks in the pot there is a link in my bio   Giving thanks  taking time to consider, stretch, be outside, and sleep in. When I grew up, instead of grace, every night we would go around the table (of 7) and everyone would share what they were thankful for. It was a cool tradition that we reignited last night around the ‘thanksgiving’ table. I try to keep present to being thankful but sometimes I need a little reminder. I think we should bring back the tradition @rabeccaelizabeth
 Location location location  Just hanging around 🧗‍♂️ @straitupclimbing #sechelt #thanksgiving #sunshinecoast
 One... @wholelifechallenge  It’s a weekend of family, friends, and games!! If you live with @rabeccaelizabeth you have no are playing one of the hottest games and we’ve got them all on the blog today . Nana’s and Grandpas, moms and dads, these will keep all your little ones (and cynical older ones ‍♂️) laughing and having fun all weekend!! What’s your favorite game?? #thanksgiving #familytime
 Our renovation (15 months and counting) is reaching the finish line with a new front porch and front door. We haven’t been able to use the front door yet Part of that process is finishing with a paint job on our little abode in the city. @rabeccaelizabeth has pitched me on the idea of a pink front door. I’m tempted  we also need a new little car for the city and want it to be electric. Does anyone know how we can charge it while parking on the street in front of the house?  PS want to learn about why the move and all the reno details come to the @vanhomeshows or @yeghomeshows   Happy Thanksgiving 🇨🇦 We are off to the coast for our Talbot family tradition ❤️❤️ We wish you all a safe and joyful weekend!!
 Today’s retreat is a conversation about change and learning. I’m with 10 other inspirational thinkers sharing ideas and challenging each other. One thing that continues to fascinate me is the motivation behind our decisions in life. I think as parents, at least for us, it’s learning through our children, either through their joy or pain, and our fear for their wellbeing that gives us the fire to make change and transform our lives. I encourage everyone to observe the subtleties and instincts in the little ones around us to point our direction for the future.  Most of you have heard me talk about the move we made and the lifestyle changes we took on. I think the @vancouriernews did a pretty cool job breaking it down (link in bio) For anyone who owns a home or is looking to own one day this is a conversation to be a part of and, unless you win the lottery or have a sugar daddy, we all need to consider the financial part of the game of real estate. Very few people talk about it or even acknowledge that it’s one of the biggest stresses in life. How do you fix that? What’s the strategy? Take a read and let me know your thoughts. Come with your questions when I’ll be on stage for the @vanhomeshows and @yeghomeshows to tackle one of the biggest issues facing our cities in Canada! #rightsizing #realestate #smartmoney #rightrenos #architecture #design #urbandevelopment

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Follow Todd’s personal projects while he takes on renovating his unique home, as well as styling his life with adventures in fatherhood, dating someone you’re married to, and doing it all in the perfect pair of socks.

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