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 It’s been an amazing summer for so many reasons but mostly because we have spent more time as a family than ever before! It was clear when we bought the property in the Okanagan that we would need some temporary space that we could call home while we sorted out the other areas. I want to send some big love to @voyager_rv who have been amazing and helped us out of a tricky spot. The memories of hanging out in this trailer will be with us forever!! ❤️❤️  This is my kinda camping. Tag someone you’d like to ‘glamp’ with for a night or two  what do you say @rabeccaelizabeth
 Good morning from our sweet little house in Vancouver! I forgot how much I like this space  Tap for details  @pineconecamp  Holding on for dear life!
 This is why we bought this property. We get to have friends and family of all ages come and play! So far we have had over 45 people stay multiple nights and many more day visitors. It is exactly what I envisioned. Also, and equally cool, at the beginning of the summer Kesler was scared of the water but now he’s throwing himself off the diving board! A special thanks to our neighbor Susan who has been coming over a few times a week to do lake swimming lessons with the kids. Amazing ‍♂️  Dream  Design ✏️ Build  Now for paint, fixtures, furniture, and guests and when I say guests I mean 20+ this weekend!! #steeltoes #construction #bunkhouse #lakelife #cottagelife
 Ding ding...we are back in the ring!! Tune in tomorrow for a ‘blow by blow’ account of the all NEW season of #loveitorlistittoo on @hgtv and there will be no punching ‘below the belt’ @jillian.harris #hgtv #loveitorlistit #realestate #renovation #tv  Sunday with the family ❤️
 Who knows this famous house and for bonus points, what was it listed for and who bought it? Winner gets a hug! #realestate #house #tv  Net Zero, Pre Fab Farmhouse. Sign me up! I fail to understand the continued stigma with prefabrication? We also need to drive the prices lower so it’s competitive to build net zero or net positive. I absolutely love it. I’ve been exploring multiple companies to learn about new ideas and styles. I’ve become extremely passionate about what we are building, how we are building, and equally important the size of our homes and I thought I’d find out who else this is important to. Time for a new show that focuses on what’s right around the corner. #rightsizing #prefab #netzero This is a beautiful example by @deltechomes from North Carolina. Swipe for floor plan
 Kesler Talbots assistant, how may I direct your call?  @roycesihlisphoto  Whoever added the Baileys...thank you! ☕️
 Being a Dad and entrepreneur is definitely a busy job! Check out today’s blog where I explore the magic formula for being an entrepreneur and having a family, and the importance of having an online presence with @GoDaddyCanada. What is the secret sauce for being present and fully invested whether with your spouse, kids or at work? I’d love to know what works for you. For the record, I’m constantly working on it! #partner  Working hard to look cool in the smokin’ hot summer ☀️  @oxfordandkin  @blueindustry @mackenziejdempsey

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Follow Todd’s personal projects while he takes on renovating his unique home, as well as styling his life with adventures in fatherhood, dating someone you’re married to, and doing it all in the perfect pair of socks.

  • Todd Talbot works while his daughter reads


    As I write this, at 8:30 pm, my phone is buzzing with multiple text threads. I’m scheduling a build for Thursday, ordering materials, lining up windows and doors and booking people. At the same time, I’m coordinating tomorrow morning’s completion … Read More

  • Todd Talbot with his father and a baby

    Fab Four Father’s Day Favourites

    I love you Dad! I love being a Dad! I tip my hat to all the Dads out there, it’s the most important and toughest job and we get to figure it out everyday. It’s time to celebrate all the … Read More

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