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 One of the things I love about my work is that I’m always on the go - meeting with clients, colleagues and partners all around the city. A functional vehicle with a great design is a must. I’m using my @Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card to earn GM Earnings that I can redeem for a GM vehicle purchase or lease. This week I’m testing out the @chevroletcanada Traverse. With high-speed Wi-Fi, conference calling while parked and the ability to charge multiple devices, I’ve got everything I need to stay connected and get my work done between meetings. #ScotiaGMEarnings #Sponsored  Remember when it was sunny? Remember when our reno was supposed to be done by the time school started? I don’t care who you are or how many reno’s you’ve done there are always surprises lurking around the corner that test your resolve, patience, commitment, and bank account. Hang in there, @rabeccaelizabeth and I can relate and appreciate your reno struggles. We need a show called ‘Living Through the Reno’ @hgtvcanada where we see the inner struggle to balance life, family, work, and a renovation. #chaos #renovation #hgtv #design #talbots #hammertime  @pineconecamp
 Halfway through the night and most people behind me are trying to sleep. The rain is gently coming down and I find myself reflecting on this years experience at the sleep out for @covenanthousebc It is humbling to be around so many committed and compassionate people and more so to hear the stories of the youth who have found this program and are creating their futures. Did you know that 500-1000 youth are on the streets of Vancouver on any given’s a heartbreaking stat that everyone needs to be aware of and then we can all be a part of the solution. Tonight there is a lot of ❤️ If you would like to throw a few bucks in the pot to support there is a link in my bio.  As a business owner and entrepreneur, I have to wear many hats! I’m always looking for ways to ensure my business runs smoothly and that my finances are in order. With the new Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card I can track my business expenses, while also earning GM Earnings on every purchase which I can redeem towards rewards for the purchase or lease of a new GM vehicle. With this new card, I can spend more time doing the things I love like shooting TV shows, buying and selling properties, renovations and of course coaching hockey! Check out the link in my bio for more! #ScotiaGMEarnings #Sponsored
 Peekaboo  see you!  Convinced my new friend and Uber driver Dave @dlopez661 to take me to @innout burger for my first time. #talbotravels #la #noleftturn
 Cheers  Everyone says you need different glasses to best showcase your wine, but if you live in a small space you don't have room for them all. When choosing the right one for you, opt for a fine stemmed glass with a bowl that's larger than the top of the glass. A great staple like the Cabernet Sauvignon glass from Riedel is perfect for keeping your guests happy. Stay tuned for more holiday tips like this from @blacksagewine #bebold #blacksage  You live up to your sexy image LA
 Another fun segment on @ctvmorninglive this morning talking about all new LED lighting, @lutronelectronics controls for your smart home, and a dash of stylish fixtures from @cfinteriordesign The segment will be up in my site later today. #lutron #relight #lighting #led #energyefficient and big thanks to Dan from ReLight for getting up early to help put this all together!  The ‘group’ shot keeps getting bigger each year and that is amazing!! Last week was my 3rd annual fundraiser in support of @covenanthousebc leading up to the ‘Sleep Out’ on November 16th. I’ll be spending the night in an ally with a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag to help raise funds and awareness for the fight against youth homelessness in the city. On any given night 500-1000 young people are on the streets. If you take a moment to let that sink is absolutely unacceptable. TO DONATE please click on my bio (every little bit counts 10, 100, 1000) I salute each of you who attended and made the night such a memorable experience and to my team and partners for generously donating all the food, booze, cars, scooters, venue, talent and time!! @lynnmayg @fairmontvancouverairport @colinburslem @blacksagewine @electrameccanica @urbanmachina @tradingpostbrewing @promotion.people @longlifewindows @freeagencycreative @boldeventcreative @dilawriauto  @erichsaide
 That’s a wrap! Thanks to the awesome crew for making this day fun and memorable. Stay tuned for a few Christmas spots with the Talbots coming your way!!   @rabeccaelizabeth @shaw @rethinkcanada #teamtalbot #familygig #christmaswiththetalbots  Want to impress your guests this coming holiday season? I say Go Big, Go Bold and Go Easy. A bold red like @blacksagewine pairs well with strong, aged cheddars and aggressively seasoned meats, making for a crowd pleasing and impressive platter. #bebold #blacksage #partner
 Back to back... to back meetings discussing exciting new projects means I buy more coffees in a day than most people do in a week! Keeping track of these business expenses is easier with my Scotiabank GM Visa Business Card. Plus, I’m that much closer to a new GM vehicle with every dollar spent. #ScotiaGMEarnings #Sponsored  This blank canvas should inspire your inner designer/investor mind to start spinning. Swipe for 2 potential layouts we’ve come up with. Which one do you like? For more details click the link in my bio. Marketed by our amazing team @blu_realty #realestate #lofts #investment #studio #livework #blucrew #toddtalbotliving

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Follow Todd’s personal projects while he takes on renovating his unique home, as well as styling his life with adventures in fatherhood, dating someone you’re married to, and doing it all in the perfect pair of socks.

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